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    venomx got a reaction from SEAL62 in Annoying Sound Coming From PC   
    I  took the front panel off, then back on - seems to have stopped now. I'll keep an eye on it
    Stopped for 5 mins now its back
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    venomx reacted to SEAL62 in Annoying Sound Coming From PC   
    Does sound like a fan problem to me. Check your front mounted fans for dust, close cables or other things that might interfer with them.
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    venomx reacted to Senzelian in Just installed my first AIO - Two questions?   
    You don't need to bend the radiator fins back. That's fine as it is.
    It happens to all of us that these get bent sometimes.
    It's normal for the pump to make some noise, because of the air that gets trapped inside it and also simlpy because of how these work.
    If you want to minimize that, you should make sure that the tubes are at the bottom when mounting the radiator at the front. This is of course tricky, because the graphics card often gets in the way of things. Optimally you'd mount the radiator in the top, but as you said, that's not possible in your case.
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    venomx reacted to Natty Ice in Benefits Of An AIO   
    AIOs are a mixed bag and not for everyone. It's true that an average AIO is only as good as a high-end heatsink, but the AIO does have the advantage that the rad can be mounted as an exhaust so the hot air goes out of the case where it belongs. I don't think the risk of leaks is that high, at least I have heard very few reports of ppl suffering catastrophic failures (custom loops are riskier because proper assembly is on the user). Reliability however is a big concern; a heatsink will last forever and fans are easily replaced but when the AIO pump dies (they last anywhere from 3-10 years) the whole unit has to be replaced or undergo high-skill maintenance/modification. Performance-wise where AIOs do shine is with really high dissipation (like 250W up) and on GPUs. Personally I'm hooked on them- my current system has AIO cooling on CPU & GPU-but like I said, not for everyone.
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    venomx reacted to Stiltzking in Stuck at 60hz refresh rate   
    NIce, I will grab a 1.4 DP and see if that works.Ty
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    venomx reacted to Skiiwee29 in GPU running hotter   
    Its because you're refreshing over 2x as much so your GPU core likely went up to a higher clock compared to a 60hz monitor. 
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    venomx reacted to Maury Sells Wigs in Flickering at 144hz   
    I think you'll find the display port cable will fix it for you.
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    venomx reacted to jeremymwilson in Should I Go Ultra-Wide ?   
    hi, I currently have a MSI curved 34 inch 3440 x 1440 display and it's great. for a monitor that wide, curved is preferably because the viewing angle at the edges is much better. I also have a 29 inch 2560 x 1080 flat ultrawide. the face that it isn't curved is not a problem because its not as wide. both are great but obviously the cost of a curved (and wider) monitor is crucial.
    Oh, and there are no black bars when I play Forza or WOW or any other games I've played
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    venomx reacted to podkall in Should I Go Ultra-Wide ?   
    I mean some movies might be ultrawide, but also depends if your system can handle ultrawide resolution, because it's more pixels.
    Also if you don't mind black bars I mean you can just literally ignore them most of the time..
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    venomx got a reaction from Jason 57 in Meshify c - how to install bottom front fan ?   
    Managed to do it. Got three front fans now 😝
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    venomx got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Mouse Is Scratching Mouse-Pad   
    OK the problem was the adhseive legs. I've peeled them off and now it's stopped scratching. I've got some premium PTFE ones coming tomorrow.
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    venomx reacted to SavageNeo in 3600mhz ram in a b450 tomahawk max?   
    on single channel all the ram chips are on the same side of the ram. saw a pic from the website. also if they would be dual rank, they would mention it
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    venomx reacted to CommanderAlex in is rtx 2070 super still good   
    First you have to ask yourself, "Is my system not delivering the performance and quality I want in games and tasks that I am doing?". 
    If yes, then your graphics card may need to be upgraded. 
    If no, then don't worry so much thinking upgrading has to be like next year's iPhone when in reality, your current one will probably perform just as good. 
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    venomx reacted to bowrilla in Cpu at 98 celcius please help   
    Could be old, could have been removed and remounted. You don't know that.
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    venomx reacted to Spotty in Braided Premium Cables   
    Those are replacement cables that go directly to the PSU. They're only suitable for Corsair Type 4 cable compatible power supplies.
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    venomx got a reaction from steelo in Are my temps normal on a ryzen 5 3600?   
    You need to have at least one intake fan at the front.
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    venomx got a reaction from steelo in Are my temps normal on a ryzen 5 3600?   
    Safe, yes. Anything about 80c however is quite high.
    I'd definitely get an aftermarket cooler like a Noctua NHU12s
    With the Noctua the highest it ever gets ( on a stress test or gaming is about 69c )
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    venomx reacted to XenorPLxx in Bluetooth Dongle For Xbox ONE Controller   
    4.0 is good, I've used that for a long time.

    Keep in mind that you can't use multiple controllers over Bluetooth or built in headphone jack, only the original Xbox controller dongle for Windows supports connecting multiple controllers at the same time and built in headphone jack.
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    venomx reacted to flibberdipper in 12pin GPU cable for the 3060Ti FE   
    No. It'll only draw as much as it needs.
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    venomx reacted to Letgomyleghoe in Best RGB fan for the front of a Noctua NH-D15s?   
    noctua RGB fans don't exist, and I highly doubt they ever will.

    a corsair RGB fan of your choosing, or my personal favorite, these. 
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    venomx reacted to Murasaki in Buzzing sound - but when I tap the case it disappears ?   
    I have two 120mm fans on the front and top, thought about one at the back but its fine as is.
    Making sure the sidepanel being sealed tightly is definitely the most important thing. Though sometimes I leave it a bit loosened if im opening/closing it more frequently. Those little round things can get annoying sometimes and having to clean finger smudges off.
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    venomx reacted to For Science! in Meshify c - how to install bottom front fan ?   
    Aesthetics, separation of the PSU compartment from the upper chamber, looks better when you use 2x 140 mm fans.

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    venomx reacted to Murasaki in Buzzing sound - but when I tap the case it disappears ?   
    Yeah I got that problem with my Meshify C case, randomly vibrates sometimes and then it goes away. I suppose the right RPM for some fans hit the sweet spot for the case to dance  
  24. Informative
    venomx reacted to Eigenvektor in Buzzing sound - but when I tap the case it disappears ?   
    Could be caused by (slight) vibrations that cause something else to vibrate in sync, which then emits the sound (harmonic vibration). Touching your case probably temporarily stops those from happening. There's stuff like this to decouple the fans from the case: https://www.amazon.com/Anti-Vibration-Silicon-Fan-Gasket-120mm/dp/B07147CSLS
    Maybe check if something like this came included with the fans already (or something like a rubber washer to put between fan and case)
  25. Informative
    venomx reacted to IkeaGnome in First Time Building - What Went Wrong ?   
    You just tightened the motherboard screws more than you did the standoffs. 
    Can you leave your text color to the default one? It works better with people that use dark mode. Here's how it looks in dark mode.