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  1. Done some reading on Reddit and lots of others with the same problem. Aparrently turning down the pump helps
  2. Pipe is at the top thats the sound, the one you hear in the back like a high pitched one
  3. Installed my first ever AIO ! NZXT Kraken. Went fairly smoothly, however I couldn't mount it up the top so had to put it at the front. The spec on my case says it can house a 240mm AIO but obviously not. It also said " max component height on motherboard 40 mm " Upon thinking about it, that's probably a good thing as if I mounted it up the top, i'd be blowing hot air from the case into the radiator. So putting it at the front in a pull configuration, pulls cold air from outside - into the case. The only thing is, I bent a few of the radiator lines ( the horizontal bendy thing
  4. I don't need a " mounting bracket " to fit the radiator to the top of my case do I ?
  5. Another option could be use 1x case fan and 1x cpu fan on the radiator. I'll try the 2x120mm corsair case fans as they are all routed tidily, if no good, i'll use the cpu fans.
  6. Ryzen 5 3600, no overclocking. I have two 140mm fans at the front and one 120mm at the back in a meshify c case
  7. Looking to get the NZXT Kraken X53 I should be able to use two of my corsair rgb fans instead of the stock right? They are case fans, so I'll have to monitor the temps . If no good then I'll use the stock ones
  8. Apart from aesthetics, is there any benefit ? I heard the cooling isn't as good as a high end standard heatsink. I'd also be very weary about putting water into the computer Also would you need to use the " pump " fan header or can you just use the standard " case fan " ones, or even the cpu fan header and use a splitter
  9. Surely if there's cables obstructing the airflow intake and outtake then it must affect temps
  10. All those cables all over the place won't help. Can't you do better cable management ?
  11. I had the same problem as you with my samsung monitor. At first I could only get to 100hz with HDMI port 2, any further and it wasn't working properly. So I got a KabelDirekt Display Port 1.4 and it works 100% at 144hz with the 3060ti Try getting the display drivers from the Samsung website ??
  12. Put performance mode to normal, switched to 60hz and it went right down to 28c. So at least now I know it is the refresh rate and performance mode.
  13. Ok thanks. I also changed the power mode in the nvidia control panel to high performance rather than standard. And also enabled v sync Could be why