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  1. These ones... https://www.amazon.co.uk/EZDIY-FAB-Sleeved-Extension-Connector-GEFORCE/dp/B08LKCNBTT/ Says 18guage
  2. Might get a braided extension cable for me 3060ti. It won't affect performance will it ?
  3. You should always use a kit that comes with all the ram together, don't mix ram. I tried this and my gaming was slower when I mixed ram
  4. I took the front panel off, then back on - seems to have stopped now. I'll keep an eye on it Stopped for 5 mins now its back
  5. All of a sudden my PC is making this annoying sound. It did it when I first built it then it stopped. It's back again. As you can see if I touch the case at the front it stops... any ideas ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLjFXsX3GEM
  6. Meshify C is a mid-size ATX tower. So yeah if I wanted to top mount on my case it would have to be a smaller radiator.
  7. This is how it's now mounted... I have a meshify C and on the spec for the case it says it can house a 240mm rad up top, however it definitely can't. On the site it says " (max component height on motherboard 40 mm) " Is it simply because my specific RAD was too big for it ?
  8. Yah i flipped the radiator, now the pipes are at the bottom
  9. I have mine like this, from what I understand as long as the top of the radiator is higher than the pump, there shouldn't be any air bubbles... How do you guys have yours?
  10. I installed my x53 yesterday, everything is perfect except the usb and power socket on the pump itself is facing the ram, but I want It facing upwards for cable management... If I unmount the AM4 bracket and clip it back in a few degrees left/right... will that allow me to have the usb and power sockets at the top ? Pic attached of how I want it mounted
  11. Done some reading on Reddit and lots of others with the same problem. Aparrently turning down the pump helps
  12. Pipe is at the top thats the sound, the one you hear in the back like a high pitched one
  13. Installed my first ever AIO ! NZXT Kraken. Went fairly smoothly, however I couldn't mount it up the top so had to put it at the front. The spec on my case says it can house a 240mm AIO but obviously not. It also said " max component height on motherboard 40 mm " Upon thinking about it, that's probably a good thing as if I mounted it up the top, i'd be blowing hot air from the case into the radiator. So putting it at the front in a pull configuration, pulls cold air from outside - into the case. The only thing is, I bent a few of the radiator lines ( the horizontal bendy thing