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    Love tech. Currently going to school for IT. Planning on getting TFO of the US after I graduate. I love indulging in a vast variety of entertainment. I have a serious disease recently discovered called, Stupid Brain
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  1. When I do a fresh install of Black Ops 3 the network version updates and I can play the game no problem. But whenever I reopen the game the network version reverts to I don't know what's going on but I just want to use gobblegums.
  2. I might try installing it on my OS' partition and see if that helps. I'll post again if it works but I may be a while because I'm painting a room and I have to replay the game now that I lost my save.
  3. Sadly couldn't find a fix there, but thanks for the cool resource site! Might come in handy later
  4. I tried windows 7 mode, but that one didnt do. Ill try 8, but i dont know if thatll change much. I also have to replay the whole game cause I lost my save when reinstalling
  5. I'm in the middle of playing CoD: Black Ops 1 and in the middle of the Mt.Yamatau mission it keeps kicking me out of campaign saying "Insufficient disk space: You need 5mb of free space on disk." But the thing is I have 2 tb free and my pagefile settings I made sure are set by the system. I just wanna play the dang game.
  6. I actually found a fix, for some reason I had to change a setting for "Xbox controller compatibility in Steam. Thanks for the suggestions though
  7. I've been trying to game on my week of, but for some reason my Xbox controller keeps disconnecting! It worked just fine the last time I used it and the only thing I've changed about my PC since then is my keyboard and mouse. It will work for a random amount of seconds/minutes but then start to have a disconnection fit. I've tried updating the controller and reinstalling my BT drivers but nothings working.
  8. True. I wasnt making it a mean question, I was just trying to say that they obviously made it for a specific audience and that people who are complaining right now are obviously unaware that this model isnt meant for them.
  9. Old switch is 6.2 inch and this ones 7 inch.
  10. Honestly feels super disappointing. The question is who'll actually upgrade to this thing. I was hoping we'd get a more powerful revision that would get titles the old Switch couldn't handle, or at least a screen that is significantly bigger. Also makes me question how long older revisions will stay supported, since the new model probably will need different joycons
  11. Just wanted to bump this thread one more time. I plan on troubleshooting it tonight but that'll be the last time Ill get the chance to work on it in a while. I'll try using a spare set of standoffs if I find them but I still don't think it's a short.
  12. I was making sure everything was in order and looking at it everything is connected well. The only thing I can think of would be the led strip cable running under the mobo, but that was there when it was working before
  13. I recently built a new mini itx case, and longstory short I tried swapping its graphics card with my other desktops. Now I've been troubleshooting it for a few days. Power supply works, but I wasn't even getting fan spin or power supply beep. Then I took it out of the case and ran it bones and it booted. I put it back in the case and now it's back to not working at all.
  14. Thats good to know that I can just look for a pps, I just wish they made it easier with some sort of certification label or something. Also doesn't help that the s21 doesn't come with a dang charger, they probably decided that not only will it save them a buck but will also help in lawsuits involving battery degradation in the future, since it would be more possible to argue that a consumer used an incorrect charger. I just wish there was some "Samsung Flagship Certified" kind of branding on these. @Vinod Bahadur Thapa