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    The Blue Cryptid

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    Video Games, Graphic Design, Art, Animation, Memes, Cartoons, Anime, Analyzing Movies and Entertainment, Watching LTT and Pewdiepie
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    Love tech. Currently going to school for IT. Planning on getting TFO of the US after I graduate. I love indulging in a vast variety of entertainment. Social Anxiety+Introvert+Loneliness+Anime+Tech=Me. I have a serious disease recently discovered called, Stupid Brain
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  1. I think I like that 2in2out idea, so I'm gonna give that a shot. My build is my attempt at making a silent build, so I definitely wont say no to the idea of less fans
  2. Yeah between the tracking issues I'm having and the mouse registering me releasing the left-click even when I still have it held down makes me think it's just worn out unreasonably fast. No more Razer for me.
  3. I've heard really bad things about Razer even though this is my first thing. Probably gonna look at Logitech or another brand
  4. Yeah the keyboards a bit of a cheapo and the mouse... well it's Razer, sooooo. Probab;y just gonna go get some quality ones and see if that fixes it
  5. I have a Razer Mamba wireless and an RK Royal Kludge and they've been actin real bad on my new rig. They had a bit of problems on the old one, but they have become almost unusable now. Could it be that I have their usb things behind my wifi antennas?
  6. So I have my current config being this: But I was thinking a config like this would give the cpu fresh air while minimizing the heat from gpu being blown into my cpu heatsink:
  7. Oh yeah. I got some scythe kaze flex 800rpms . They seem to be doing good, im just unfamiliar with this cpu since my last one (r5 1600)barely went over 55 at load.
  8. I just installed a 212 Black Edition in my new rig with dual fans, but I'm getting a full load temp of ~72C on a 3700X. Is this, like, acceptable or did I mount it wrong?
  9. Now Ryzen Master's telling me that under full load its at 1.3V?
  10. Im not a 100%. I actually just built it last night before falling asleep. I still need to download all my stuff to test
  11. I just built a new system and my 3700x is sitting at voltages over 1.45v. Its on an Msi Mpg Gaming Carbon WiFi B550. Are these volts safe? Also I have a hyper 212 on the dang thing and its sitting at 41C in bios
  12. I'm looking for a usb A expansion card to add more usb to the back of my computer (I populate a lot of usb). But, every card I find has a number of reviews that sound scary. Anyone know of some reliable pcie usb expansion cards?
  13. For some reason my screen on A50 keeps randomly dimming and undimming at random. I have adaptive brightness off, and I don't have any other settings that would do that on. Could my phone just be failing?