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  1. I donn get how will that heat up the motherboard.
  2. Hi, I thought of mounting graphic card vertically. I feel it looks more good but i really donno if there is any negative effects that might cause my PC. and if it is a good option to go vertical then please help me do it the right way.
  3. Yes I am going for ur Config that u said. This was just a question in my mind that i had. I am not going to go for intel any soon.
  4. This Correct me if i am wrong but then having an integrated graphics and a separate graphics will have a bit of a difference in its performance. (I may be wrong about it)
  5. I am not buying any though but in future if i would buy them i would want if there is anything else I am missing about them.
  6. @Wh0_Am_1 I think you would this answer well.so adding you in this conversation.
  7. Hi i was just going through the product and then this question came into my head is it really worth buying i9 9900K for 50000 Rs (apprx 704.68 USD) and not buy i9 9900KF which is for 38500 Rs (apprx 542.60 USD). I know i9 9900k has got integrated graphic but is it that important, that is my question. Please comment below so that i know the importnace if there is any.
  8. I will update on what i think of choosing. please do suggest me if its worth it.
  9. Thank you @SupaKomputa and @mariushm for the help.Please do follow me.
  10. Totally cleared with my doubts. I will go through the website that is sent here and choose the best plan fit for my website and also my pocket.
  11. Will there be any latency ? if my server is outside India as my target visitors will be from India.