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  1. 1.4V at idle (pretty much constant) is this normal ? or should i change voltage in BIOS? every this is on stock settings.
  2. fixed the problem by turning vsync on and off again in nvidia control panel -__-
  3. everything was working fine a day ago . now its now working . g sync is enabled in nvidia control panel . freesync is also enabled on monitor . my monitor is 144hz freesync
  4. have you consider founders edition ?
  5. try undervolt ur gpu ( i personally use msi afterburner ). if game runs fine then its psu problem because gpu not getting enough power
  6. ok i cancel the 750w 80 plus(white) cooler master and order the corsair cx 650w 80 plus bronze .
  7. what is the problem then ? i order the new 750 w psu .although 650 w is recommended for gpu but my current corsair vs650w is giving problem .
  8. pc work fine with my old gtx 960 card . when i swapped the card with 2070s then the problem started .pc auto restart when i launch the game (not on game menu) using VS orange psu like 4-5 years old lol.
  9. my PC auto restarts when i launch the game but does not shut down like you. just got new gpu and using old 650w psu . i think my gpu not getting full power i order new 750 w psu . i dont know why this is happening . although 650w psu is recommended for gpu .
  10. Just got new 2070S . pc auto restart when game start (not on game menu) i got 650Watt power supply corsair vs which is recommended gpu spces. cpu : r5 3600 ram : 8gb ram corsair 3200mhz gpu ; 2070S thx in advance