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  1. I have a 3070 on the way after spending many months trying to buy it. I've recently heard that the new rtx cards have had pretty severe black screen issues with youtube that nvidia hasn't been bothered to fix yet. Has anyone else experienced this? Its off that techtubers that make a living on youtube haven't mentioned this.

  2. On 12/7/2020 at 4:21 PM, Ahoy Hoy said:

    Buy it off a NA store. Some stores will do world wide shipping if not theres companies who you put the address as when buying and they then ship it to you, like middle men for shipping at cost. Then once it gets to the UK you will have to pay 20% tax on the cost of the product.

    I dont seem to have that option on the anker store

  3. Summary


    The reddit mods over at r/monitors noticed incredibly odd upvoting behaviour regarding any post discussing eve monitors. Upon investigating 6 months worth of posts a pattern emerged and the mods have concluded that Eve were actively brigading posts and were involved in vote manipulation(both against reddit's site wide rules).




    Originally, the discussion of Eve products had been banned due to the numerous reports of issues regarding refunds in past crowdfunding efforts. I fought back against that, because I believed that discussion of their upcoming products was still relevant to /r/Monitors - and I tried to take Eve at their word for the problems that had occurred.


    However, nearly every positive thread about their products has been curiously upvoted well beyond what would be considered "normal" in this subreddit. After a careful investigation over the past 6 months, which examined a wide variety of evidence, the moderation team of /r/Monitors has come to the conclusion that Eve is actively involved with both brigading and vote manipulation.

    As a result, we are banning them to prevent further manipulation.


    My thoughts



    Eve products did seem to good to be true but I was personally hoping they would bring consistently good monitors to bring down prices from the mainstream manufacturers. I guess in the monitor space, you get what you pay for, until amd enters the game to shake things up.







    A reddit user has discovered msi taking advantage of the 3080 situation to sell their own cards on ebay for like double the rrp.





    As said, MSI is scalping their own 3080s on ebay under the name Starlit Partner. Browsing the Starlit Partner seller reveals that everything they sell is MSI, most (maybe all) new in a box. They have the nerve to say "We work closely with the manufacturer." Because they are literally the manufacturer.

    Starlit Partner trademark

    Link to 3080 being scalped

    A card retailing for 759.00, currently being sold by the manufacturer on ebay for 1359.00, and they are absolutely selling out of them. There were some available when I started looking into it and now the auction simply says 0 available, 4 sold.



    My thoughts


    The pc industry has had soo many scandals involving consumers getting taken advantage off from absurd ram prices to a gpu market that was already insanely expensive; this is another incident and people with a voice need to speak out about it and reputations should be tarred over it(extreme example but not unlike volkswagen and the emissions scandal).






  5. 29 minutes ago, Rybo said:

    Don't cast aspersions unless you have access to their books.  Just because someone is personally wealthy doesn't mean they can afford to keep their staff employed when their income is swiped out from under them.  

    Mr beast literally spends millions on videos.....If he spent half  on one video he could support his staff for years..... Nobody knows how he gets his absurd funding for videos. There's no way in hell sponsors would cover all this stuff.




    Several incredibly wealthy youtubers received millions in covid relief funds.




    "ProPublica's database of companies approved for over $150,000 in Paycheck Protection Program loans and disclosed by the Small Business Administration showed that MrBeast YouTube LLC and Jeffree Star Cosmetics each received a loan of $350,000 to $1 million. The esports company FaZe Clan also received a loan worth $1 million to $2 million."


    My thoughts

    Considering how wealthy all these individuals are in incredibly unethical for these people to get these funds. Mr beast in particular always spends absurd amounts on his videos doing pretty silly things.




  7. In his last video he complained about mass immigration which is the biggest dog whistle to bigger racists imaginable. He's complaining about refugees coming to sweden even though they've arrived knowing swedish and are making efforts to integrate etc. In the past he has used racial slurs against black people and paid foreign people(ignorant of the english language) to hold up a sign saying "gas the jews". All of this is insanely damning and linustechtips should have known better before building a pc for him.


    Here's a few videos that really eloquently outlines pewdiepies racism.




  8. https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/whatsapp-closer-to-winning-spyware-lawsuit-after-israeli-firm-nso-is-a-no-show-1.8627094




    An israeli company known as NSO has been accused of hacking hundreds of devices of key figures ie human rights activists, journalists etc by whatsapp(amnesty has backed this up and have stated their own staff have been targetted). NGO has currently not put in any legal response to the lawsuit and is kinda acting like it's beyond the law.





    NSO promised to "vigorously fight" the allegations, but the firm was a no-show in the Northern District of California, where the case was filed.

    Legal documents filed by WhatsApp detail repeated efforts to serve the company with legal documents, including emails to senior executives, FedEx-delivered copies to NSO board members, and even a hand-delivered copy of the suit left with NSO cofounder Omri Lavie's wife at their New Jersey home.

    In a statement, WhatsApp noted that NSO had failed to show up before a judge and said it would "continue to pursue swift accountability from the courts in the U.S."



  9. I've disabled the scaler and still have the issue. I am getting sound with it set in extended display so think I'm just going to keep it like this. It is annoying accidentally gragging something in the extended region but I can play around with the size and where to put it etc.

  10. I set it as primary. All I changed in the av receivers setting was to change to output from optical to hdmi. When I go to the display setting in windows it drops the res further.

  11. I've run into an issue. When I try to duplicate displays it drops my refresh rate to 59 instead of 75. I also cant have my 1440p at 1440p it drops to whatever I set the second one to.

  12. 20 hours ago, circeseye said:

    just connect to receiver...in nvidea control panel (im assuming display, im amd) there should be a place to enable what display you want as primary
    now the rest i did in windows..right click, display settings.......scroll down to  multiple displays and set it duplicate these displays...done

    now right click the speaker icon click open sound settings..choose the av receiver...done
    if its 5.1 make sure you right click the speaker icon again and set speaker setup to 5.1

    and as for reduced performance...no i havent seen any (im on a rx590) 



    oh not sure if it matters or not but you can run a lower res on the receiver ( my main is at 4k but my receiver res is set as 1280x720)

    Thanks :)

  13. I've never done anything like that and chance you could give me the specific steps? Also will there be any downsides to running dual monitor like that? Like reduced gaming performance?