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  1. i did what you said my cooler is cold and can you tell me what is cputin
  2. i ran hwmonitor and now its not called cpu, its called cputin and is still under motherboard section
  3. specs: r9 380 i3 3210 with a stock cooler asrock h61m-vg3 I launched hwinfo and on one side it says cpu core 0 and 1 temps are around 30 to 46c but when i scroll down under my motherboards name it says cpu 100 to 120c is this right
  4. Will it work on 720p super potato
  5. Can i play Rust on i3 3210 with a stock intel cooler graphics card is r9 380
  6. Ok i will be as quick as posible Mb: hp 304 bh The ram i want to put in crucial ddr3l 1600mhz udimm 4gb I currently have 3 sticks 2 of those are some micron and the other one is elpida All 2 gb sticks On crucial website it says that it will be fine if i put the memory in my pc This is the 4th time im returning ram in my store
  7. Do I get to keep ps plus games forever or do they expire along with ps plus subscription
  8. Since new consoles are coming out is minecraft for ps4 going to keep updating because i really want to buy but i dont want it to be an outdated game.
  9. Maybe bind it to another button. If it isnt possible then i think you cant do anything else than waiting till you have enough money for dualshock 4
  10. When new consoles come out, is minecraft for ps4 going to keep getting updates
  11. I want to claim my game from a disk to be on library, so is it possible?
  12. I downloaded cod warzone and I entered it. It said connecting and other stuff, but when it came to checking for updates it kept checking for 5 or 10mins, after waiting it just said download failed error code DIVER
  13. If I buy a game from ps store then install it and then delete it do I keep the game in ps store or?