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  1. Thank you for the replies ! No it's the charger that came with my previous phone. So basically I would only have longer charging times but no other issues then ?
  2. Hello, Basically, the title is my question. I'm looking forward to buy a S21+, but since they don't provide chargers anymore, I was wondering if I could still use my old SONY charger/cable to charge it, or if I had to buy a charger too. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for your reply too. Well, the thing is I don't recall doing anything. I use the computer on a daily basis and I did not even update anything. I remember watching a movie on one screen (I have a dual-screen setup) when I was distracted by all the icons on the desktop the other screen were "refreshing" every 10 seconds and I opened the task manager and saw it coresponded to a little rise in Disk and CPU Usage every 10 seconds. I restarted the PC, noticed I had no acces to certain websites (Reddit...) while others were fine (Youtube, Facebook...). I ran some scans but
  4. Just tried that ! The same problem still appeared everytime... Oh, and the CPU or the RAM were never overclocked.
  5. By dduing you mean using Display Driver Uninstall right ? So I just did that and after the reboot I had exactly the same problem...
  6. Really ? Memtest saying 0 errors does not mean it is fine then ? No, everyone is just using laptops or older systems... I'm stuck on this side...
  7. Uh, I'm a bit lost. There was no problem for both tests on this system, why would the same RAM in another system have problems ? Also, I don't have another DDR4 system available sadly...
  8. Update : I tried to run Linux from a USB drive, but it wont boot at all. It loops and I get an error message everytime. Tried to flash the BIOS, did not work either... Well, any ideas of what could be causing the problem ? Could it be the MB ? Thanks.
  9. Alright, so I went ahead and did a memtest. I left everything by default, it did 4 passes (took around 4 hours) with 0 errors at the end. For OCCT, it's been running for almost 2 hours with no errors detected so far too. PS : after the memtest when booting to Windows I had the same bug where no program would start and Windows would freeze instantly when the desktop appears. I forgot to mention on my original post that the problem occurs really often when rebooting windows (more rare on a cold boot).
  10. Thanks for the fast reply ! About the specs : MB : MSI B350 Tomahawk CPU : Ryzen 5 1600 RAM : 16GB of some Ballistix 2400MHz SSD : Samsung 860EVO 500GB GPU : 1060 6GB Is OCCT alone enough or do I have to run a memtest (which I never did) ?
  11. Hello ! I'm having an issue and can't figure out the problem. My PC seemed to randomly "freeze" (windows does not respond, can't close or open programs, can't reboot or shut down...). I was told to reinstall Windows, which I did but it did not fix the problem. Even on a fresh install and with only my SSD plugged in, it does this weird thing. When it happens, I have to shut the pc down manually. Things that seems to trigger the "freeze" : - When a download is almost complete and the file is being "reconstituted" (sorry if it's not the right word) - When installing a p
  12. Update : I was trying to see if I could find a recovery software that could see the drive, and when searching I kept it plugged in. And after several minutes the drive showed up automatically and a new window opened with everything still on it. I guess I should be backing up my stuff then ! Yeah I thought about that too for a moment, but I did not manage to open it. It's a 2,5" too. But hey, I guess I got kind of lucky with that one ! Thanks for your answers guys !
  13. Well it's around a year old now, and there is a ton of photos on it I would prefer not to loose. I can't see it in the partition manager, and not even in the file explorer anymore. Nothing shows up anywhere.
  14. Hello, I'm having a problem with my Seagate Expansion. When I plug it (tried it with my desktop and 2 laptops, same result) I hear the disk spinning, the light is on, Windows detects the drive, I can see the remaining space on it in the file explorer, BUT I can't access it. It wont let me open it, it "loads" forever. Nothing happens and I ultimately have to unplug it. Is it dead or is there a way to get an access back ? Thank you guys.
  15. Thanks for the reply ! How can I test read/writes failures ? (The disk Health is "excellent" according to SSDLife). I will try to replace the sata cable. I also noticed it does not freeze systematically on start-up, but does it everytime when I reboot the system...