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  1. Hate to be spamming guys.. But i updated BIOS and there seems to be no solution. Is that expected ??
  2. @Jurrunio @Streetguru I did some bench marks and pushed my Desktop. It never spun at all. In addition that it shows in BIOS setting that it is at 0 rpm and it is disconnected...
  3. @Streetguru Country US. Budget $300 ~ $600
  4. Hey folks, i have recently built a pretty decent workstation and i need your recommendation for a decent monitor. My old workstation had a 3 monitor set up, so i would rather go with either a super or ultra wide (or a two 27' displays). I don't really care about gaming as much as i care about picture quality, color accuracy, and brightness. What would you recommend ?
  5. Hi guys after building my PC the mobo chipset fan is not running all. I checked the connection of the chipset and the pins and they all look good. I even unplugged it and re-plugged it back to the mobo, did not resolve the issue. However, when I cut the power from the power supply, then power up my PC the chipset fan will start spinning for the first few seconds and will boot as expected... then will stop completely. When I go to bios setting it does not detect a connection to the chipset fan. I have the latest mobo bios update and I am out of ideas. FYI this is my PC I ever build any advi