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  1. That is pretty awesome ?
  2. Are you sure it's your memory causing the reboots, then? I would make sure you are running latest BIOS. Also ome B450 boards are problematic with Ryzen 3rd gen, but I don't know if that's one of them.
  3. It depends, because if the subtimings, voltage, and other memory settings you are using are from XMP profile or default, the main timings may not be stable. Also, Ryzen 3600 is perfectly capable of higher than 3200, which is actually more of a base guarantee. 3600 is ideal if your Ininity Fabric is running at stock speed (1800MHz).
  4. Assuming you tried the Ryzen Memory Calculator and it hasn't worked for you, Buildzoid has some good settings in this video. It's for a particular set of RAM, but he gives good ranges of settings to try for timings and subtimings and some "safe" numbers that should be good for that, particularly if it's B-die. Starts around 20 minute mark.
  5. C7 is good if you replace the fan with a Noctua. Do you have a CPU cooler height limitation due to your case? Otherwise there are other downdraft coolers to consider (including the big brother of the IS-40, the IS-60), but a C7 should be sufficient for a 3600. The main advantage of 3rd party coolers vs stock is most will be quieter, and possibly run cooler CPU cooler by a few degrees.
  6. Yes, all the AM4 CPUs will work on all the AM4 motheboards (using newer CPU on older boards requires BIOS update, which is made easy with boards that support BIOS flashback). The only advantage by going with X570 though is PCI-E 4.0, which has very little benefit for most people. X570 boards due have a better minimum power delivery on average to be able to handle a CPU like the 3950X, but a lot of the previous gen boards are plenty capable (like the MSI one mentioned above). And B450 boards are a lot cheaper at the moment.
  7. Finally got around to putting my Gateron Inks in a board. Linear, but kind of "poppy" switches; need to type with them more, but they have a Topre-like quality to them. WhiteFox case+PCB, dark grey Varmilo PBT keycaps.
  8. I think that would work well both for compatibility and for cooling performance, particularly as Meshify C is front mesh. With good fans in front (I would go for 2x 140mm), you should be good on keeping CPU cool.
  9. https://noctua.at/en/how-big-is-the-nh-d15-and-how-much-clearance-does-it-provide-for-ram-and-chipset-coolers To revise what I said, D15 will fit the RAM, but you may have to reposition the fans a bit higher if doing dual fan in the stock configuration. Since the CPU clearance is limited to 170mm in that case... yeah, you might have a problem with that RAM. I would get Corsair Vengeance LPX (31mm height, so you definitely won't have a problem fitting them) if you can, otherwise 3900X with U12A would be more viable. Or just don't use a fan on the motherboard side of the D15.
  10. D15 or D15S, for the 3950X for sure. TridentZ isn't that tall, it should fit under all three.
  11. Agreed with everything, though I will add one inherent switch feature that can matter for gaming is hysteresis, which can help to prevent accidental double actuation of switches but also can hinder spamming of switches.
  12. Either the Shadow Rock LP or L12S would be fine for a 3600.
  13. It doesn't look like HWiNFO is even pulling CPU temp. Wonder if the sensor is actually dead or whether there's a compatibility issue.
  14. I missed that it's a blower-style (centrifugal) cooler. Definitely second the recommendation. Blowers are only good for reference cards (to remove the cooler to use waterblock) and for very cramped cases that don't have airflow. Otherwise it's better to go for axial (large models have dual or triple fans) as they usually cool more effectively at lower noise levels. The Focus line isn't bad, just missing some of the features and efficiency of Seasonic's higher end units.
  15. I'm guessing you know you need the 64GB of RAM? It would be better to get faster RAM otherwise, as Ryzen benefits from fast RAM in a lot of applications. You may be able to OC it without loosening the timings too much, but it's easier to run faster speed with fewer, lower capacity sticks (usually). Also that board is fairly pricey, any specific features you need from it? Other than that, not seeing any obvious issues, and it looks like a good build. Should be good for video editing, gaming, and streaming.