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  1. I’ve managed to find other examples and it seems to be simply stained as in person it doesn’t seem like a burn, and that some rigours cleaning will get it looking shiny again, but it doesn’t seem to have effected performance so I’ll leave it in the current state.
  2. Yes there was defiantly paste on :), originally a 2600x, just curious why the burn effect occurred, temps on the 2600x were excellent took the cooler off as I upgraded to a 5800x
  3. Hi there, is this normal, it’s a Corsair h115i platinum se and this occurred after the first mount. thank in advance !
  4. Hi there, when possible I was looking to get my hands on a 5600x and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations on one of these 3 motherboards or any other (ideally white/silver colour scheme). Asrock X570 Steel Legend Asus Prime X570 Pro Rog strix b550-a gaming Thank you in advance !
  5. Scan is decent ive bought several items from there and had no problems.
  6. You have a great PSU, to push more frames I would advise upgrading your Graphics Card.
  7. Hi thank you for this, sorry to bother you. so When I do this with my C drive which is the NVME driver, I would do this, then set the NVME drive to the boot drive it should boot from the NVME drive all fine, and I noticed one of the lines is to quick format, I’m assuming this would quick format the newly created efi partition? Edit: Do I need to boot from a USB or will it be okay booting it from my current EFI partition?
  8. Yeah a 2600x at the moment with a B450 Aorus M Mobo and a 1660 super .
  9. The drive is already using GPT I think, is there a way for me to create this EFI Volume?
  10. Hi there, So windows is installed on a 250gb WD Blue NMVE M.2 SSD, and comes up as the boot drive when looking at disk management. Although when looking through the boot order in my BIOS a old 500gb WD HD comes up as the first boot drive and if I set it to the NVME it comes up with the black screen and no bootable media. I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this! Thank you.
  11. Ive completed the bios update to the latest version, but now the boot up seems to be taking much longer than before, do you know if i can fix this?
  12. Sorry, about the lack of updates ! so far I have ran a memtest which came back all clear then after that I ran the driver verifier which I am in progress of interpreting weather or not any drivers are playing up and in the morning I plan to update my Bios to the latest version, so I’ll come back with an update then, thank you for the help so far !
  13. Thank you ill try this, something i failed to mention in my post was that the BSOD error occurs probably every 2-3 hours of playing now, would it be Blue screening due to a point where my cpu is trying to utilise the potentially broken NAND chip? Edit: Also is there any way i can get confirmation that a NAND chip is broken?
  14. The graphics card drivers are up to date but i do know that their is updates for my bios, would it be worth trying this? Edit: Theres been 3 bios updates since the update mine is on
  15. Hi there, Ive put about 5 days worth of time played into MW, mostly warzone and only recently I have started to get BSOD errors while playing, here are the dump files and the resource and performance monitor report - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtWQvvlFYGrqnAWeMLQI_68ZYAra?e=cYH407 would be grateful for any help!
  16. Thank you! If i did deallocate and follow your steps would this format the drives?
  17. Hi, I havent got much experiance in this but in my current PC I have 3 SATA SSD's two 500gb and a 240gb. I was looking at ways to combine these such as using storage spaces through windows, is this the best way and what would this entail, how much storage would i end up having?
  18. You are playing on 1440 p aswell, what fps do you get at 1080p?
  19. No the CPU and MOBO arent compatible, You would need a board that is on the AM4 platform not LGA 1151.
  20. Why have you created multiple posts, about the exact same subject, when on one of the posts you had three pages worth of answers/discussion?
  21. If you try to connect a sole fan to the header does it work?
  22. You could try and vertically mount your card as then the card wouldnt be plugged into the mobo the riser cable would be, but the viability of this would depend on what case you have.