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  1. 1. That's why you do research like a good little PC enthusiast 2. No. The PSU will dissipate the same percentage of system power give or take a percent or two at high load the majority of the time. Barely any PSUs stay cool passively with 80% consumption, and those that do are so overbuilt, so what are you on about? Wattage degradation is simply not a concern if you're running your PSU for less than 15 years, which is a pretty damn safe assumption.
  2. I didn't. All I did was infer that using anecdotal evidence will inevitably end up with people being misled. That's how it works.
  3. Better this than ending up misleading people with your shoddy 'evidence'.
  4. Unfortunately anecdotal evidence is meaningless, so providing such an example is quite useless.
  5. That's an incredibly outdated/horrible case. h510 is decidedly better.
  6. Grey label CXm has all the necessary/expected protections.
  7. You're right in saying that you might objectively be wrong. PP11 is an objectively worse PSU than either SP11 Platinum or Gold
  8. Don't forget the Seasonic ripoff-looking box!
  9. Elisis

    PSU choice

    Well, no. They can't hold a candle to the shit actual OEMs come up with. Not... really? Relatively few are doing so nowadays.
  10. There is no preferred method a consumer could carry out. Either learn to live with it, or buy a new PSU.
  11. Well, it's very clearly not just an OCed 1050ti with RT. It's almost as if they're different architectures or something. As for your "ripoff tracing" comment, something cannot be a ripoff if it's a vaguely new technology (here, only in the consumer space) as there isn't anything comparable out at the moment.
  12. That'd explain the apparent lack of critical thinking in your previous statement.
  13. Well, the idea that all Gigabyte PSUs are bad is demonstrably false, so what the hell are you on about?
  14. Well, when they have a PSU that can reach over 1V of ripple, it doesn't seem very unfair to recommend against a company who may replace 'good' units with their bad units.
  15. Which itself can even increase performance! Undervolting on architectures like Vega is known to do wonders.
  16. Of course. You should give it a try sometime. So "spreading the fear" apparently includes pointing out that a unit which has blown up in testing does exactly thus? Hmmm Good for you. This is meaningless both in the context of this conversation, and also the greater context of PSUs.
  17. You'll definitely want higher if you're OCing that 10980xe.
  18. I mean... it would be best if they didn't use a literally explosive PSU with such a high power GPU.
  19. You can't exactly question someone's replying for someone else when you yourself just did it.
  20. What bizarre leap of logic did you undergo that gave you this impression? They literally recommended anything from a brand. That's what I'd call fanboyism.
  21. Where'd you pull this definition from? Fanboy is pretty generally used by the PC enthusiast segment to describe people who follow a brand no matter what, deny they have bad products, etc. etc. And "most people who build computers regularly will start to notice this", so... This pretty clearly wasn't your primary intent, and this fact is only further evidenced by your previous statements. Because you literally recommended a brand, which is an idiotic thing to do. If you had added anything to this, like perhaps an actual list of model names from which the OP could p
  22. Dude... Blindly following a brand is fanboyism. Well, no. Most top of the line PSUs are in fact not doing so. Probably because Seasonic is so bullshit to deal with as an OEM(/ODM), apparently. You should get out more, then. Seasonic has plenty of shit. This is why you don't blindly follow a company.