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  1. For MW in the Radeon panel,i have Radeon anti-lag enabled,Image sharpening enabled,everything else is disabled, my gpu averages 65-71 when playing MW
  2. Same with my version,20.3.1, anti aliasing is already turned of,so im at a loss
  3. Latest drivers,Windows is updated to the latest,GPU is RX 590 8GB
  4. Hi guys,i've been having some really wierd graphical issues whilst playing warzone recently,i've done some research and cant find anything like the issues i've been having,so was wondering if anyone had seen or had anything like these https//streamable.com/f8299 https//streamable.com/o1d0o https//streamable.com/g4jdp The issues seem to come and go,but since the update this morning,seem to happen in every game of warzone now If the streamable links arent okay to post please let me know immediately and ill remove them
  5. Yeah i did have a look at that but didnt really understand it very well, got it working in the end but feel like somethings probably plugged in wrong, but thankyou
  6. Hi guys, this might be a very simple question but due to the instructions that came with the cooler,it wasnt very clear to me in my head. So i have a new build now,made sure i bought things that were able to sync up with MSI AuraSync, but i am yet to be able to customize any of the lighting or sync it with the other fan in the case I did find this article on TomsHardware from this year, that said "Pump goes directly to the motherboard (CPU_Fan or PUMP_Header) depending on the motherboard. RGB from the pump runs to the 4x1 splitter.Fans connect to the fan hub, and the RGB outpu
  7. So front mount the radiator and position it as intake and have fans mounted on the top and back to exaust, cool, thanks for the response and the help
  8. Thanks very much for the reply :) So if theres no filter i should have the AIO fans Pushing air out, why is that?
  9. Morning guys, So ive just ordered my new build and i thought i'd get to planning how im going to lay everything out, and one thing im not so savy in is the layout of the fans/position, which ones i would want for intake/exaust. I've chosen a Msi Gungnir 100, I have 5 120mm fans at my disposal and will also be using a 240mm Radiator for cpu cooling. Im guessing that the way to go would be having the radiator mounted in the top and 3 fans in the front with 1 or two at the back exausting hot air out? Although it is possible to have the radiator mounted at the front aswell, What do you guys r