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    Intel I7-10700KF Stock
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z490 ACE
  • RAM
    Micron Ballistix Sport LT 4133MHz C17-21-21-40 @1.45v
  • GPU
  • Case
    Lian-Li Lancool II Mesh
  • Storage
    MX500*2, WD BLUE*1
  • PSU
    Seasonic Prime PX-1000
  • Display(s)
    ASUS PG279Q
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-D15

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  1. Can you change VCCSA and VCCIO voltage on 10700f? The motherboard is ASUS Z490-E
  2. Is RM750x enough for RTX 3090 with 500W BIOS and Ryzen 5900x?
  3. Man, this thread is quite entertaining to read lol
  4. Passive/semi-passive: Ninja 5/LGM RT/Macho 120mm cooler: Fuma 2 Large dual tower cooler : D15, Assassin III maybe (I hate its ugly Logo)
  5. Cooler Master H500 The front intake fan cut out is laughable. 120mm*360mm cut out for two 200mm fans, and the most of the area is blocked by those giant fan hubs. Besides of CM H500, I hate any case with front fan mounted behind the fan mount. That was one of the reasons why I sold my Meshify C. Any obstacle that is directly in front of a fan increases noise drastically. Even some of the "silent" cases are designed with this kind of fan mount
  6. There are some games that make GPU go from idle to full load and back to low power stage every few minutes (e.g. Dirt Rally 2.0, Assetto Corsa etc.) Since most people consider that it is okay for PSU to work near OPP trigger point during GPU transition (from idle to full load). I have following question : Do voltage and ripple stay within Intel regulation when PSU is working near OPP or OCP? Edit : My psu is RM750x
  7. I have question regarding voltage regulation which probably isn't really matter, but I'm curious Which psu is considered better? One with tighter variation (0.2%) but overall voltage is 3% higher (e.g. 12.300v~12.325v) or the one with looser variation(0.8%) but overall voltage is closer (within 1%) to 12V (e.g. 11.952v~12.048v)?
  8. Depends on CPU. For intel, any high end cooler will do. For AMD, Thermalright ARO-M14. Its coldplate is specially designed for AMD IHS, because AMD decided to use convex IHS
  9. Do Seasonic fix their fan profile? Some of their psus seem to make horrible grinding noise at low rpm.
  10. Are stock RM850x White Edition cables compatible with Corsair AX1000 titanium and HX1200 platinum? edit : added efficiency
  11. What's wrong with AX? Reviews seem to be pretty positive.
  12. Parts that probably "only" need 600W, but that's not what this thread is discussing.
  13. Which psu should I buy? HX1200 or AX1000? Should I be worried about the high OCP trigger point (117A) on AX1000? How often does SCP fail to trigger (dunno if this is possible) if there is a short in motherboard, GPU etc.? Thanks.
  14. Sept 1, 2020 update : Finally received the replacement. Details in OP.