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  1. The video might be so but I have done booting even with RAM...just brought an electrician to home....changed some wiring in the home....bingo...PC runs Thanks for the help guys
  2. And the electricians whom I called are dumb and they say that PC is faulty as every other applicance is working(even after showing them the video )...Can I get a solution for this problem????
  3. I don't know but the components work at the shop while breadboarding them today .....this is wierd Video at shop(video 2) Video at home(video 1) VID-20191018-WA0001.mp4 VID-20191018-WA0000.mp4 VID-20191018-WA0000.mp4
  4. The PC shop used their own mouse n keyboard...the pins are not bent...I checked them carefully..the PC doesn't run without external devices connected
  5. Just checked everything,I think the problem is with the motherboard.no post beeps and cpu n psu fan does nt run...still don't understand how it worked at thr shop...will drive to shop right now and check if mobo is working
  6. Don't have the mobo speaker...will update the status tomorrow as I cant get it now (23:33 here)
  7. This is my first time encountering this problem. The PSU runs without anything connected to it except the power cord.However when I just connect it to motherboard and CPU ...it does n't run. The guy at shop did not even open the case of PC and plugged in the cord(had this experience three times )...then bingo....PC runs
  8. I use an extension box with surge protection but it doesnt help me here
  9. I live in Hyderabad,India.I use a UPS (1000VA/600W) which does not help me. The weirdest thing is all the household appliances like microwave oven,AC,refridgerator work very well and they consume more power than the PC
  10. I have tried each and every socket in my home.All the cables and connections to the PC are intact and transportation is done by me very carefully as I have it in my laps while carrying.I am suffering from this problem since four days.The PC wont turn on
  11. Hi guys, This looks weird but I don't know what is wrong with my new assembled PC.It turns on and I can use it perfectly well in the shop.However,when I come to home,the PC does not turn on.I can only see my motherboard LED lights on.. Kindly help me to solve this problem