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  1. Value wise? Worth the penny or I should just get the old model?
  2. What are your thoughts on the new h115i pro platinum rgb?Thanks for recommending
  3. They will refund whatever is damaged by their AIO leaks ?
  4. I am new to AIOs and I am spoilt for choices since there are many out there in the market. Any recommendations for the most effective cooling with maybe rgb as well just for the aesthetics.I prefer more recent products, as in recently launched but if none of them are really decent in terms of performance to price point,I don’t really mind others. My case: Fractal Design R6 Motherboard: Msi gaming pro Carbon B450 Ac Cpu: ryzen 3700x My Budget: $150-200usd i was thinking about removing the pre applied thermal paste for Thermal grizzly pastes.Any recommendations for
  5. Would 2070 be overkill or not worth it?
  6. Yep, I have bought the rest of the new parts as stated, I actually don’t mind the resolution or refresh rate as I am not that of a hardcore gamer even if I were to go for high refresh rate, my monitor would be a problem cause it is a 4K 60hz monitor. Do you recommend me to save Budget and not to change the stock cooler or just maintain it ?
  7. I have flashed the new bios into the motherboard for the ryzen 3000 series compatibility.As for the gpu,my Budget is around 650-700 usd,Sadly my monitor is not 144hz but 4k 60 hz.
  8. Here is my Old build ryzen 1500x msi mortar b350m 1TB Seagate hdd 500 gb Kingston ssd stock cooler 8 GB of Crucial ram - 2400 asus gtx 1060 3g dual fractal design R6 chassis seasonic focus plus gold 550 Currently, I am planning to build a new rig that can play AAA Titles as well as video editing,I kinda got a few parts already but I am not sure if others needs to be changed to meet this requirement.But surely I would need a graphics card recommendation. Here are some items I might plan to reuse to save cost, R6 Case, Storages.