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  1. After testing a game i noticed frame reduction. I am running the bios that came with the board which is version 3003. There is an update for 3501 but its in beta so I am not too sure about that. I basically plugged and played without any tweaking.
  2. So I’m using a triple fan Corsair iCue capellix. Same AIO I used before but I just got that AIO like 3 months ago. I was using stock pre applied paste from the aio with the 3700x. Now with the 5900x since I had to re apply paste. I ordered the thermal grizzly kryonaut. I have been reading online that there could be fake stuff out there though. Also I have never spread paste with the spatula before so I’m hoping I didn’t use to much or even worse, fake batch.
  3. Thanks for your swift response I appreciate it. I was concerned that the kryonaut I purchased may have been fake. I’m not sure though. Maybe it was applied wrong.
  4. I see. I had a 3700x with a B550-F before this and I would idle at around 32c and then get up to about 63c while playing a game. So this was quite the jump.
  5. Hey friends! Just recently upgrade to a Ryzen 5900x with an Asus Dark Hero X570 and 32gb of 3200mhz Corsair Dominator Platinum (4x8gb). After installing I haven’t done anything to the BIOS other than turning on DOCP. I updated drivers on the Asus site. At idle I’m getting around 45c and the minute I turn on a game I’m up to like 78c-80c right away. Most likely I haven’t updated or customized something. I also did NOT reinstall windows. I switched my 500gb and 1TB m.2 drives over to the new board. I also applied Thermal Grizzly Kryonau
  6. It’s the Ethernet that came with the system so I would like to Believe so at least.
  7. Hello friends. I recently purchased the Orbi AX4200 (Rbk750) from Costco. This is the WiFi 6 orbi router with 2 additional satellites making a 3 piece set. I’m running a gigabit plan through my service provider (Cox Communications, 1000mbps down, 40mbps up) but I’m getting maybe 200mbps on the satellite that is hard wired to my PC, and around 150mbps on both myself and my girlfriend iPhone 12 pro when standing directly in front of main router. Living in a 1700 sqft 2 bedroom apartment. The layout is as followed: Arris Surfboard docsis 3.1 modem (capable of up to 2000mbps)
  8. Thanks for the advice, and its noted. How about some of these bios settings as far as set speeds etc. Do some needs to be higher or lower by chance?
  9. Hey guys. Just recently built this machine and didn't do much customization (new to "clock speeds" etc.) And I feel like the performance is not what it should be. I am pretty sure the stuttering and rendering issues along with low FPS I encounter in games such as Call of Duty and Doom eternal are due to this. I am wondering if I can get some help or pointers? The only thing I have done is turn on D.O.C.P. for RAM and "OC Mode" on Asus Tweak software. Any help is welcome, Thanks in advance! Build: AMD Ryzen 3700x Asus Strix b550 F Gaming MOBO Asus Strix RTX 2070 Supe
  10. So you think this MOBO and CPU paired with a 3080 would not present bottleneck or performance issues?
  11. Currently rocking the following specs. AMD Ryzen 3700x ASUS StriX RTX 2070 Super ASUS StriX B550 F mobo 32gb Corsair Vengeance 3200hz (4x8gb) Corsair RMx 850watt PSU If upgrading to ASUS StriX RTX 3080, Would this be enough? Would I need more wattage? Any recommended upgrades to the build in general if switching to this GPU?
  12. Based off research I have done the 3700x gives best performance at 1080p, which I am experiencing now. I am hoping my current specs would not hinder performance at 1440p 144hz which is why I had been looking at the 3900x.
  13. Better question. If I upgraded to a 1440p, 144hz monitor, Could I get max frame rate with the 3700x and 2070 super on 1440p 144hz?
  14. Just gaming at the moment, may be turning this into a multi task machine. I am currently running a 1080p monitor but wish to upgrade to 1440p and I am trying to get the best performance at 1440p, 144hz, etc.
  15. Hello. I currently have an ASUS strix B550 F mobo paired with an 3700x and a 2070 super. I have no issues so far its been great but I am looking to possibly upgrade to a 3900x. While I know the 3900x is compatible with the strix b550 f, will this CPU run well on the b550 F? Thanks for your time!