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  1. I just had another bsod saying: irql_not_less_or_equal this morning, i uploaded the last .dmp files that i got to this link , i read them but i don't really know what is their meaning
  2. Yes, lan option rom is disabled, i have HPET enabled too but i think this is enabled by default, i've just switch to full default to see if the problem still happens and also i noticed that there's also a legacy us support and a XHCI Hand-off option enabled on USB configuration...could that affect something?
  3. Also i forgot to mention that i also changed cpu and sistem fans to smart fan mode on bios (idk if this could affect something)
  4. I will try going full stock to check if it is something related to that
  5. As storage i use a m.2 ssd (adata xpg gammix s5) and for peripherals i have a logitech g403 mouse and a hyperx alloy fps keyboards and also usb headsets, is there a possibility that is my ssd? Or is it fine?
  6. So i just built my new pc with the following specs: -Ryzen 5 2600 -B450 Pro Carbon AC -RTX 2060 Gaming Z -Corsair LPX 3200MHz -Corsair RM750 PSU The problem is that almost everytime when i cold boot my pc gets stuck on the MSI splash screen and in order to boot i need to restart my pc, so there's a list of the things that i have done already: -Cleared CMOS -Downgraded to Ryzen 2000 BIOS (the mobo came with a ryzen 3000 one) -Checked my RAM with memtest86 (4 runs and 0 errors at XMP Profile 2 3200MHz) And that's pretty much it, i'm
  7. @LukeSavenije were you able to find more info about the xpg core reactor? I would like the be sure it is a solid unit before purchasing it...
  8. And also i can get the core reactor and the rm750 2019 for almost the same price, which would be better to purchase?
  9. Ok that's good it is compatible with a nr600 case rigth?
  10. What do you guys think about the XPG Core Reactor? I saw some specs and it seems good but i'm not an expert in psu's so...
  11. is it worth buying the rmx for the 10y warranty or should i buy a whisper m with 7y warranty?
  12. why the b450 pro carbon has a ! mark before its name?