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  1. Hello dear friends. I have "Genesis Thor 210 RGB" keyboard. it was working perfectly fine but since i changed my motherboard none of my computers or laptop detects this keyboard as should. RGB is not working anymore, software for this keyboard cannot detect it as well and PC instead of saying that i have plugged in "Genesis thor 210" is saying "USB Keyboard". please if anyone can help me with fixing it ill appreciate. thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Dear Forum Users. I need help with my second "WD 1TB HDD", when i plug it on my PC it is showing up in This PC but cannot open any partitions or do anything to it. when i try to open Disk Management is hangs and stays like that forever until i unplug HDD from system, CMD diskpart also hangs whenever i try to use it. i have no idea what to do. please help with this it is not about my data on HDD i want to plug it in to my laptop back again... and i live in country where i cannot get HDDs easily... Thank you in advance here are some pictures of system operating with HDD lugged in.