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  1. So what exactly does my check valve do? I'm not even sure other than stop flow when it's closed. Is there any check valves that you can point me towards that allow flow in only one direction that i can put in my computer?
  2. I don't understand I thought a check valve was to only allow water to flow one way? Meaning say I had the valve in the open state. I was expecting water to flow Left to Right only and that if water attempted to flow Right to Left the valve would close and water wouldn't be able to flow in this direction. Am I misunderstand what a check valve is supposed to do? What exactly does this Barrow Check Valve do?
  3. I have a couple of these check valves. I thought check valves work in the way where they only let fluid flow in one direction, but this doesn't seem to be the case. I put the valve above in the closed state. I hold it up vertically and put water in one side and it doesn't flow through. I flip the valve and repeat, no water flows. It appears that the closed state prevents water from flowing in both directions. I put the valve in the open state and hold it up vertically. I then put water at the top and it flows through. I flip the valve over so the bottom is now at the to
  4. How do I file a claim with the company? Thanks for the help. It's really strange that it failed. Because I have kept the monitor in the same spot the whole time, hasn't moved an inch after I powered it up for the first time, or has seen much movement.
  5. I have the following monitor: bought it September 17th 2020. Now sometimes when I turn on the TV the whole image is blurred out like so. Seems like if I turn it off for a few hours, and then come back and turn it on, it's fine. Until the screen turns off from me not using the computer and it goes blurry again like below. Here's my troubleshooting steps: I unplugged the display port cable from the video card and tried a different display port socket on my video card and got the same result. I then replaced it to the original socket on the video card.
  6. I camped out for 48 hours for it haha on release date. I am using a splitter. I guess it's worth trying.
  7. No I do not. I don't know if it matters or not but I have a GPU with LEDs in it. Asus TUF 3090 The GPU has a three pin LED connector. My MOBO has only one three pin LED header. So I have my LED strips and GPU plugged into the same header. In Aura Creator, The GPU and LED strips have the option to be set as different layers, but they are all connected to the same header. This seems troublesome. Is this an issue?
  8. I have three pin LED strips in my PC. When I power-up the PC they illuminate for for short period of time (less than a second) then immediately turn off. So it seems that they are connected and receiving power. This happens every time I power-up. Motherboard: Asus X-570 E-Gaming CPU: AMD 3900X I have tried adding them as a layer in a profile in Asus's software Aura, but they will not illuminate. Can anyone provide any suggestions on how to fix this?
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Controller-Expansion-Profile-Converter/dp/B07Q2S9SK3/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=nvme+to+pcie+adapter+x16&qid=1606145543&sprefix=nvme+to+pcie+adapter&sr=8-7 So something like this? I have a 3900X and would like to get 4.0 PCIe speeds, but this this advertises 3.0 speeds. I don't think the adapter dictated the speed but the MOBO right? I should still be able to get 4.0 speeds?
  10. I damaged my M.2 slot on my motherboard. I see I can buy replacement headers online. Is it possible to unsolder the old socket, and solder on a new one using hand solder tools?
  11. Thanks for the help! What website would that be? Sorry I haven't done this before.
  12. MOBO: Asus ROG Strix X570 E Gaming CPU: AMD 3900X Background: My computer was working fine, but then I had to remove my m.2 SSD. In the process I damaged one of the m.2 sockets on my MOBO. So I plugged the M.2 into the second socket. My computer wouldn't recognize it despite multiple tries. I gave up and concluded either the m.2 itself was damaged or the second socket was also damaged. So I went and bought a copy of Windows 10 Home and installed it onto a SATA SSD. Problem: It appears to be an older version of Windows 10 I don't recognize. It acts as if I don't hav
  13. Yea I have two 560 mm raidiators. It's all one loop with the two pumps in series at max speed. I've noticed that water flows fast, real fast when I first start up the pc, but after 30 seconds or so it slows down a lot, I have no idea why. Any ideas? Is this normal? This happens with both of my pumps, even when I run one by itself, it the other one by itself. I'll try reseating my monoblock tomorrow and fresh thermal paste. I have these pumps, two of them, top as inlet (one with glass tube hanging down) bottom as outlet. https://www.amazon.com/gp/
  14. MOBO: ASUS ROG Strix X-570 E Gaming GPU: RTX 3090 Asus TUF (Non-OC) PSU: 1000 W EVGA Gold RAM: 32 GB Case: thermaltake Tower 900. I'm looking in HWINFO64, this is what I'm getting. Which one of these do I look at for the temperature of my CPU? Is it the CPU Die? This seems way to hot, this is just while I'm at idle basically with chrome open. I have the EK MONO block, two 560 mm raidiators with push pull fans, and two thermaltake pumps. I'm struggling to understand why my CPU is so HOT?!? I didn't overclock it or anything. My
  15. Thanks. How do I get rid of the air bubbles? I have air bubbles in my CPU and GPU blocks that I can see, but no air bubbles in my resevoir. My CPU and GPU blocks sit higher than my resevoir. Also how do I go about adding more fluid? When I accumulated some air in my resevoir by removing the cap with the pump on the water level in the resevoir rose up a lot l, I was worried it was going to come out of the resevoir and spray everywhere. I have the same issue with the pump off.
  16. Hello, do I need to have the reservoir at the top of my loop, meaning height off the ground? It has to be placed in this location to allow for the air bubbles to accumulate in the reservoir, so I can add more fluid? If I don't have the ability to mount my reservoir to the top of my loop, can I just use a long tube from my reservoir? The top of my reservoir has two ports, one for the return line, and one to be capped off. Do I have to have both at the same height? Meaning I need a tube for the return to the top of my loop and the capped end to the top of the loop as well? I have this kind of pu
  17. Are there any applications of having a mixing valve (kind of like what you have in a shower system) for PC water cooling? I'm trying to think of an application of a mixing valve, but can't think of one for PC water cooling.
  18. how do you watercool pcie slots or audio chip? i wouldn't watercool PSU, that screams danger
  19. I have a RTX 3090 and a 3900X, on a ROG Strix X570 E-Gaming MOBO with 4 sticks of RAM. I'm trying to plan out things to watercool: Monoblock - CPU & VRMs RAM Chipset M.2 GPU Is there anything else that I'm forgetting?
  20. You guys that already in line for Zen 3 are absolutely insane! Microcenter should start charging you rent for staying outside of the store for so long!
  21. I enjoy high end gaming. I play on a 4k panel 120 Hz. I play on max graphical settings with RTX on. I have a RTX 3090. Is it worth upgrading to a 5900x if I already have a 3900x? I know at higher resolution not as fast FPS, you don't need that great of a CPU, because you are mostly GPU bound, not CPU bound. Is it worth it for me to upgrade? I suspect I won't see much difference for gaming?