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  1. ok... but i was asking about CX ones....
  2. and one more question guys, in case i would return the seasonic PSU, what it would be a good pick for this build? The Corsair CX650 or CX750? (i prefer at least 650W)
  3. can you please explain why this S12II PSU isnt good? i really need that .... i dont know if i should return it or not...
  4. i paid roughly 70$ for it, and i get that there are more reliable PSU's but i already have this PSU....
  5. Ok thanks a lot, but leaving the reliable part aside, do you think its enough Wattage for the components?
  6. Hello, My current PC is: Ryzen 5 2600x 2x8 3000Mhz GB Ram 1 1Tb 7200 hdd 1 M2 SSD 620W PSU (the psu is new Seasonic, 80+ bronze) I am looking to buy a new Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT PULSE, for this PC, but i dont know if the power supply of 620W will be enough... Can you guys help me with a recommendation? Do you think its enough power? Please help, and if you can, could you explain your answer. Thanks a lot in advance.