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  1. Just booted a WD elements external hard drive from long term storage and windows is not picking it up. The hard drive has been assigned a random letter and does not display its usual name. It shows up in the “This PC://” as “Local Disk (H:)”, but if clicked, windows explorer freezes up until the hdd is disconnected. The drive definitely spins up and I can feel and hear it running. The white led blinks twice every second. I tried disk management, but it hangs forever at connecting to virtual disk service. Diskpart and list disk commands do not work until hdd
  2. Duolingo was my first start point with learning Spanish. If apps and websites aren't effective in teaching, a game I used to play is manually translating news and web articles from english to the language you want to learn and vice versa using google translate. Start off with short articles in your area of interest - games, sport, new tech news etc and translate them word by word using google translate. This is extremely useful for learning what the english word for something is in another language, but at the expense of grammar and diction. After you get more familiar in the language, try wat
  3. I can understand RDR2 with 4k assets and a lengthy campaign and online multiplayer but COD needing more space than RDR2 is a joke. Uncompressed files and poor optimisation as a result of multiple dev / studio teams working on it is often the case with titles that are released annually.
  4. Recently I've spent more time hoarding games through steam sales rather than playing, but have put almost 400+ hours into WOW before growing disillusioned by online MMORPGs. Right now I'm going through the many backlog of single player story driven games, including Witcher 3 and the assassins creed titles and occasionally sink time into CIV 6 as well.
  5. So it appears that the Windows partition / system files required for boot has most likely been corrupted - Apparently it can happen for no obvious reason and without any warning upon reboot. More information about causes can be found here: https://neosmart.net/wiki/0xc0000001/ Solution to anyone else having the same problem of a bootloop in the Windows partition of a mac bootcamp: Connect an external wired keyboard (can be apple or other brand - I used an old acer KU-0355) to a working USB port (I tested power to the port using a USB led lamp). Shutdown the
  6. @DrMacintosh @nerdslayer1 Haha settle guys. I have been running bootcamp for the past 3-4 years with literally zero problems. The only thing that never properly worked in the beginning was automatic updates, which I promptly turned off as soon as I realised the setup was pretty much as stable as it could get. I have had plenty of BSODs and recovery rollbacks in my other Windows pc after installing updates so I figured turning it off for bootcamp was ok, and it was for this long. I am a big advocate of bootcamp and it certainly has its uses in budget scenario
  7. Hi Everyone! Long time fan/watcher of LTT and just discovered this forum. Did not know there was such a following on here. Any way my name is Dennis, but not the one you guys love so much. Looking forward to interacting with you all! ?
  8. Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for all your help. I have been running Windows 10 through a Mac Mini Bootcamp partition for the past 3 years. I powered on the pc this morning and it goes to the Windows black screen with blue logo and continues to the black screen with circle dots. Now it just hangs there indefinitely in a state of loop. I have tried restarting almost 15 times to the same result. On one occasion it showed the windows recovery screen. The error code displayed is 0xc0000001. Along were the options: Press Enter to try again; Press F8 for Startup Settings; P