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  1. Hello, If I buy prebuilt PC , keep only the GPU and sell the rest. How is it with warranty ? Would gpu still keep the warranty if I have original receipt ? Or is it neccessary to keep whole pc ? Thanks
  2. Hello, I am about to buy Lenono 16" 1200p 165hz gaming laptop alongside my gaming dekstop. Now I cant decide between RTX 3060 130w and RTX 3070 140w. As I read that power limit of gpu is also important in laptops. How much difference in fps would there be ? Ofc I could find videos comparing laptops with 3060 vs 3070 but with different power limits and I am not sure how big influence this power limit make. 3070 is 250 euros more
  3. Thanks for the answer. So i tried to create linuxmint bootable drive and inside linux I could see the drive but couldnt use it .So I did format the drive to FAT and then it was usable in linux. However its still not visible during windows install.
  4. Well I cant go to windows taskbar if I cannot even install windows
  5. Hello, i bought a new laptopt without OS. I am trying to install windows. The problem is that after i fill in serial number no drive is found. So i tried diskpart through command prompt but all it found was my usb flashdrive. Is SSD in my laptop dead ? However I can see SSD in bios in "storage" section. Thanks
  6. Hello, now that bitcoin is high I tend to transfer it to fiat on regular basis ( approx 100 eur). What would be the most profitable way to do it? Recently I use nicehash on one rig and hive os + phoenix miner with nicehash wallet on the other. Is it ok this way or would be more profitable for example use hive os + binance ? I am quite new to mining thanks 1x rx 6800 xt 5x rx 5600 xt 6gb 2x rx 5500 xt 8gb 2x gtx 1660 super 2x gtx 1060 6gb
  7. Hello, I am about to use dual psu for my mining rig, do they have to be the same or it doesnt matter ? I would use appropriate adapter. Thanks
  8. Hello, would Intel Celeron G4930 run at mobo : ASUS EX-B250-V7 (MINING) ? Both are LGA intel 1151 but i do not see this cpu in compatibility chart. Thank you mobo: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/All-series/EX-B250-V7/
  9. Hello, I have HP All-in-One PC -27" (i7 8700, GTX 1050, 1TB, Win10) . The problem is that sometimes (not everyoften) there is black screen for one sec. I tried reinstall windows and gpu drivers but no change. How could i fix it ? It does not bother me that much but I would like to sell the pc in near future. Thanks
  10. Hello, I have rx 6800 xt and decided that gaming is not as fun to me as it used to be and I dont want to be so invested in pc gaming. I will do ok just with ps5. Now I have 2 options: 1.) sell rx 6800 xt with current high pricing 2.) keep it for mining. As I am not in need of money I could keep the card instead and use it to mine some crypto, and once exchange rate is good sell it. I tried nicehash and my gpu is doing approx. 7 dollars a day (with current exchange rate). Electricity is 0,14 usd per kWh and it would get even better in spring/summer as we do have solar panels.
  11. Hello, i bought second handed Asus rx 470 4g mining. The problem is that after driver install it says : "No AMD driver installed or not functioning properly" . DDU didnt help. So I was thinking that I could try reinstall bios but unfortunately amdvbflash win does not see the gpu, its only recognizing the cpu. I checked hwinfo and current bios is What should i do ? thanks
  12. hello, I just tried nicehash and it shows 0% load with my rx 6800 xt. But it shows actual number at profitability/24h. Is my gpu mining ? Or what should I do ? DDU driver reinstall didnt help. Cpu is running 100%. thanks
  13. yes I do know that. I know the difference between "K" , "KF" and "F" but not sure whats the difference between 10900F and 10900 https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i9-10900F-vs-Intel-Core-i9-10900/m1196789vsm1169242