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  1. Alright thanks! I read that with the 2021 version there is a mag lev fan instead of rifle hearing. And on newer units the fan curve is less aggressive but I'd rather play it safe with the 2018 one then. And for the coil whine. I know:( but then it is not the case that a newer psu has less chance of coil whine than an older?
  2. I see the rmx850 is also high on the tier List! And affordable. I should get the 2018 model then instead of 2021? See pics attached from toms hardware. So the psu shouldnt make a buzzing sound. Just the fan should make that noise?
  3. It does show a higher noise level than others tho
  4. aaah my msi has a buzz and coil whine Gonna return it and get the thermaltake GF1 toughpower I think. Single rail should also be good for high watt gpu's right? Just want it to be silent and good
  5. I understand, but I need to know which high quality psu I get just in case. And if I should get multi or single rail in my case I pulled the psu out on the back and put my ear semi close and all the noises were coming from the psu. Tried it with many components connected and basically zero, same sound from psu.
  6. Hi there! I have been trying to figure out what was causing a buzz and a high pitched kind of scratch noise. I unplugged everything in turn and found out it is in fact my psu. I just got it new Should I just pull the trigger and get this one?: https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B078X22YBR/ref=olp_aod_redir_impl1?_encoding=UTF8&aod=1 Since it is top tier? Next to my 6800xt coil whine I also have this problem new build only bringing problems. Good with going dual rail on my rx 6800 xt? Someone in a discord im chatting with is saying a single ra
  7. I see ur build is super similar, but then a 1070ti. No buzz no sounds Just fans in your build?
  8. Fuuuck the gpu does have coil whine on like hitman high fps. But i thought it wouldnt be there when idling.. Pretty sad i spent so much money and I have this. Gonna try night raid 3dmark soon to make it go away. Read multiple successes about that. But the buzz didnt really sound like coil whine to me :o. Il try removing the gpu and booting tomorrow on the work bench
  9. Hi all! was wondering if anyone has an idea? I also attached a better recording perhaps as a file to this post, I got a new 5600x (plus cooler) on the way, theres a 3600 in there with wraith cooler. I disconnected the cooler, that wasnt making the sound. Also tried the pure wings 2 case fans, also wasnt it. I'm hearing the buzz and a higher pitched sound which u can describe as a persistant scratch (pitch level). This one really does not feel nice on my ears. I already have tinnitus so this is quite annoying. I use speakers a lot and have open back headphones:(
  10. Thinking of it, but I dont have a backup gpu, so I have to try other things like 3d mark night raid first I guess? seemed to help for some ppl but Its hard to find info
  11. lol as if it is logical that u spend 2k or more total on a pc and when u play a game it was meant to be u hear a 60dcb WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Definitely not every card has this, and also not as loud. On rx 6800xt reviews this is included, that is not something that is normal
  12. Hi there, anyone who fixed coil whine on his 6800xt? I didn't know before I bought. I upgraded my whole pc incl gpu and now im getting insane coil whine, when I bought this gpu to go 240hz 1440p and now when I go to even 144hz and above I hear this super loud whine. New high tier PSU as wel.. I read some people say u have to blast benchmarks on 100% for like 8-24 hours and it might go away, but anyone has experience with this? Kinda salty I spend all this money and have this now. I play with open back headphones because I have tinnitus and now when I play a game all I h
  13. Hehehe i Will try to not mess it up xxx. But i thought i saw it was reversable IF u mess up nowadays so il be okay
  14. Nice!! Now I Just have to not mess the flashing up the YouTube tutorials are very clear though
  15. So https://www.asrock.com/mb/Amd/B450 Pro4/#BIOS I find '' Update AMD AGESA ComboAM4v2 '' I should just grab that newest version right? I tried searching far and wide how the compatibility is for that ''comboam4v2'' but cant rllly find? Must be 2000 3000 and 5000 series or am i crazy?