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  1. It's been around an hour since I've done my clean install and everything on the bsod side seems to have stopped for the meantime, downloading a game right now to see if the in game freezes and crashes keeps happening, thanks for the help bois. I'll open up another thread if the problem persists.
  2. Yea, had it on the ryzen high performance setting and had ryzen master installed. Really not sure what is the problem at this point, just finished my clean install, gonna re install all my drivers n things and see how things go. If this doesn't work I'm completely out of ideas, got no more leads on possible problems.
  3. Going to go ahead and do another clean windows install, hoping it might at least fix the bsods, still have zero clues about what could be causing all my games to freeze then crash. I had already completely removed my graphics drivers with DDU, but gonna do this install n try again. See ya soon.
  4. Yea, I just got back into my pc. Spoke too soon, had a bsod right after posting here. Took close to 1 hour to bootup, Bluescreenviewer said it was a ntfs.sys driver, so that's fun. I thought that doing the repair would've fixed any driver issue, going to look into this now.
  5. My games are stilll crashing but i've yet to have a BSOD.
  6. I ran it a couple times, said there were corrupt files and had successfully fixed them, had to run a different .bat file for it to work though, it'd always get stuck at any given %. Hoping this might've fixed the problem with the bluescreens, but I'm not sure how it'll affect games crashing.
  7. I've had 3 bsods today, and every single one of them is giving the same driver error 'ntoskrnl.exe' was the driver that failed. Gonna spend some time investigating that, any other ideas on what might be the problem are welcome
  8. Been running aida 64 for 20 minutes now and I've been sitting stable at 12.096 v.
  9. I just bought a new PSU literally 2 weeks ago. Still having the same problems. Upgraded from a 450w to a 600w. I'm just assuming that the voltage from the newer PSU was staying constant at 12v. Gonna look up how to test that right now, will let you know what happens.
  10. I've turned xmp off now, however I'm still crashing in almost every game. Although I've noticed it never affects anything that isn't pushing my cpu/gpu usage. I never crash mid cs:go game, but I crash every single game of apex legends. Could it be something wrong with the motherboard? I know it's at the minimum physically possible spec for compatability, but could it be having problems? I've been noticing a stutter / blur of audio every now and then the past few days. I've ordered a new motherboard which should be arriving this friday, hoping it might be something to do with the beta bios.
  11. Had a crash this morning and here's the .dmp file, googled it a little bit and it came back to memory, and running memtest to check your memory. Already done that so I'm not sure what could be the problem. 101619-662593-01.dmp
  12. There's a minidump folder but there's never anything created inside of it. Going to head to sleep right now, so if there's any more replies / help I'll see them and give you updates on whats been happening. Going to hope my pc crashes during the night so I can check out the mini dump when I wake up.
  13. Yea, they're all different random crashes. There's never any crash that really repeats more than once or twice. Although it's been 3 months or so since they started so I imagine there's probably been a couple of them that's the same. I've set up the minidump when my pc crashes, although it never saves something I can use or even access.
  14. Wuts good. I recently upgraded my cpu and ram from my old ryzen 1200 to a ryzen 5 3600 with some new 2x8G 3000mhz ddr4 corsair vengeance ram. I bought the components a week after the new ryzen cpu's released, so i've been having this problem for a while. After flashing my bios to the new beta version for older motherboards and installing my new components, my pc wouldn't stop BSOD'ing and crashing mid game. Usually giving out the same rendering error. I ran memtest for 16 passes, reinstalled windows 10 pro 64bit. Reflashed my bios to an older version and back again. Tried different gpu slots,