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    Gaming+esports, Hardware, Old tech crap, PC building, Keygen music, and two anime series.
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    Your average internet shitposter.
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    AMD FX-6300
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    8GB DDR3 (2x 4GB 1600MHz)
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    AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB (640SP)
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    TGT Stryker Mid Tower
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    2x 500GB HDD (5.2k RPM)
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    CORSAIR VS500 80+ Grey
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    Generic 1080p Monitor
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    Stock CPU Fan
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    OEX Cobby "Mem-chanical"
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    Fortrek Spider 2
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    Windows 10

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  1. Oh well. I haven't noticed any significant changes in load temperature with it running instead of the old fan, so it should be fine. Thank you for the help!
  2. I believe I found the model number. FN-120RB. It's a "Rifle-bearing fan", which I heard is similar to sleeve-bearing, but quieter? https://www.newegg.com/nzxt-fn-120rb-case-fan/p/N82E16835146001 I don't think NZXT still produces these, though they seem to have a "FN V2" model which looks similar. The details on Newegg's page lists RPM as "1300 RPM +/-10%", so I guess it -is- slower?
  3. I don't have the box for it, unfortunately. But I'll try looking it up and see if I can find the model. I'm at work at the moment, so once I get home I'll look for any details on the model number (assuming it's on the sticker on the hub). What do they affect? CPU fan only (which is 4-pin)?
  4. According to SpeedFan, it is. I tried messing around with the fan curve but it didn't make any difference. I set my fans to "silent mode" in BIOS though. Could this be what's causing the problem?
  5. I'll give it a try! My pc can be a bit toasty under load so it might be a good idea to set up a curve
  6. Hey everyone, Yesterday a friend of mine gave me one of his used chassis fans so I could replace my old exhaust fan. This one appears to be from NZXT, and it's a 120mm model with some red LEDs on it. I've been using it since yesterday and I couldn't help but notice that it's running at a significantly lower speed than the old 80mm fan that was in its place previously. Here's a Speedfan screenshot showing it running slower, at 1239 RPM. Is this speed normal? I know larger fans have larger blades, therefore they move more air without having to spin faster, but I'm not 100% sure
  7. Freedom of Speech doesn't imply freedom from consequence. People can say whatever they want, but it'll probably come back to bite 'em on the ass at some point. Still, 35,000 is too much.
  8. Congratulations on the build. It looks quite nice.
  9. Recently copped myself a better keyboard+mouse combo. I think that's all I'll be upgrading for this year.
  10. Sennheiser's products are usually very good in terms of audio quality. Though this specific model has no USB connection. https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-Game-ONE-Gaming-Headset/dp/B00KK8ZLEC
  11. You could look for the Sennheiser GAME ONE, at 122 USD. There's also the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas, at 90 USD.
  12. Action: Devil May Cry V, Control Stealth: Hitman and Hitman 2 (The new ones, not the old ones), Dishonored 2 Racing: Forza Horizon 3 and 4, Dirt Rally 1 and 2 Turn-Based RPG: Dragon Quest 11, Divinity Original Sin II Action-RPG: Sekiro, Dark Souls 3, The Witcher 3, NieR: Automata, Kingdom Come: Deliverance FPS: DOOM, Battlefield 1 and V, Metro 2033 Redux, Last Light and Exodus, Wolfenstein: The New Order and New Colossus These are some recent games that come up in my head immediately when I think of their respective genres. Most of them are incredible games
  13. I think it's funny. It's a tiny Yoda. Then again my sense of humor is total garbage I'm sure people are gonna forget about in a few weeks when the next trend rolls up.
  14. I agree, it makes much more sense to merge it with the others. I actually thought it was already merged with it tbh.