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  1. 8 gigs i think I stream games from my PS on my PC with the elgato card in my motherboard
  2. I think so for the ram part. I want to start streaming better in 900p60 (because i am streaming off a PS4) so Is my motherboard good for that?
  3. This is the Case I have now that I would like to replace. Preferably with an inverted case if all my components will fit in one
  4. Looks like it's just a Hard drive but it's kinda hard to tell with this case
  5. Would love to play BO3 custom zombies and possible the new cod on PC and what kind of CPU should I look intro 4 core, 6 core, how many GHz?
  6. I would prefer to play most games 1080p 75hz because that's how higher my monitor can go. I am also looking for a way to make streaming more smooth because it seems a bit choppy and I have 1Gig internet
  7. I don't know if I have an SSD as a boot drive lol. I'm new to this PC stuff so IDK how to find that
  8. I was wondering if I could upgrade my processor and make my computer faster what would I be able to do with the motherboard and GPU I have. I Am trying to build a better PC for streaming on console and playing some games on the side but I would like to do both with high quality. In the picture I've included it has what kinda things I already have right now. Don't mind the specs being awful, I got the PC on Facebook swap for $200 which included many other things and I got my 1060 GPU for $50 brand new from a friend. I am also looking for a new computer case and some color changing RGB fans and