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  1. Did you get the new CPU? Are you rocking your new rig now?
  2. Ok ... who the hell let Murphy loose again? Keep us posted and hope everything turns out well with the new CPU!
  3. Sorry to hear that. In my opinion then we could only try to swap out the motherboard. Is it possible for you to get a different motherboard? Doesn't have to be a new one but should be working out of the box with Ryzen 3000 / Matisse. Alternatively / additionally I would check with Gigabyte if you've not already done so. Also do try to use bare minimum of peripherals / devices for booting, e.g. no drives required. I kind of doubt it's connected but it also doesn't cost anything to try.
  4. The cause for your PC not posting is most likely either RAM, MB or CPU - I think that's fair to say. I have not found anything for Ryzen 3000 manufacturing issues or high RMA rates, which leads me to believe that the CPU / memory controller should be fine (unless bent Pins). My bet, and as you have already mentioned, would be the motherboard respectively it not liking the RAM. Getting some basic QVL would allow us to definitely rule out the RAM imo., maybe also get a different brand (I've only got limited experience with Corsair stuff but none of which have been gr
  5. What about Backup Bios / Single Bios? When pushing the clear CMOS button, was there power supplied to the board / psu? Any other base RAM you can find / try / borrow?
  6. such black ... much wow ... must ... resist .... oh who am I kidding
  7. Since you are also considering custom looping your rig you seem to be confident in doing the cooler swaps. Another option then could be changing the gpu cooler. Some time ago I had done that with a product from Arctic (Cooling) and was quite happy bang / buck wise. Look for their line of ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme coolers. Their support site claims them to be generally compatible e.g. https://support.arctic.ac/index.php?p=ax3&doc=techspec&lang=en Maybe you can get a deal on one of those? Damn ... looking at the av
  8. Have you tried booting with a single stick? Is there a bit of plastic/clear foil type of thing disconnecting the Bios battery? What are your SB(shadow Bios) and Bios-switches set to? My X570 Aorus xtreme seems to work best with Main BIOS / Single BIOS set. A clear CMOS may also help afterwards.
  9. Kilrah's right and that's exactly why I won't be doing that. All I want from this PC is the multi-channel high-def audio, no video required (on this build ;))
  10. Hey y´all so I recently switched out my old PC (2500k) for something new. While re-connecting all my peripherals I came across the TOSLINK cable that I had previously used to pass audio from the PC to the AVR, to which I have connected my sound system. I had obviously forgotten about why, 7 years ago, I went that particular route of getting the audio to the AVR, instead of using the videocard´s HDMI output. Now that I am running things over HDMI I can´t believe that, even after nearly a decade (there are posts on that topic in audiophile forums way back), ther