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    boggy77 got a reaction from SEAL62 in Looking for a good GPU for work and games. Help   
    well, what gpus can you find? generally, there is 0 stock for all gpus. you either have to pay 2-3x msrp on the used market, or hunt for stock and be the first to click add to basket when stores add stock. or queue in front of physical stores early in the morning.
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    boggy77 reacted to Arrogath in Have some doubt and need some help in building pc for Fortnite at 144hz   
    the 3500x is only 6 threads, the 10400F should be 12 no? Seems pretty cut and dry to me. The 3600/3600x/5600x are the more comparable products unless you'll be overclocking, at which point AMD comes unlocked for these sku where as intel requires a K/KF model

    edit: to be clear, the 5600x is definitely way better due to clock speeds and IPC, but the 3600 should be pretty close to the same performance depending on the program and if it's been optimized for a specific chip type
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    boggy77 reacted to Fasauceome in Asus X570 lights but no life   
    Make sure you use the quote button so we can see your responses.
    Does the motherboard box say ryzen 5000 ready on it? If not, the BIOS is not up to date.
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    boggy77 got a reaction from Bombastinator in Power supply requirement   
    your 750w psu is fine. it's good quality and can deal with power spikes. asus recommends 850 for the case you have a bad quality psu and an overclocked 10900k.
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    boggy77 reacted to Benji in What would help me loose weight faster? Running OR Homeworkout using Apple Watch to do HITT or whatever?   
    Take care of your nutrition at least as much as your physical exercise. Exercise itself is useless to lose weight when your diet is still inappropriate for what you want to achieve. I can't wait for this "How do I lose weight with just doing sports?" nonsense to die because it doesn't work like that. You can do all the sports you want and you'll never lose weight with the wrong diet. And "diet" doesn't mean these useless "30-day crash diets to lose ** pounds!!1!111!11!!!1", diet means your food intake has to constantly change to something that benefits you without inserting more "energy" in your body than you expense per day doing your exercises. That's why "crash diets" don't work: They are not a permanent lifestyle change and people don't stick to them, that's why they have a "yo-yo effect". You lose weight by appropriate nutrition and then fall back into your old habits.
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    boggy77 reacted to Wh0_Am_1 in China’s Inner Mongolia Declares War on Crypto Mining   
    Crypto as a system is good even if you aren't a criminal. Sure crypto is an awesome tool if you are a criminal (I'll get back to this later) One of the many benefits of crypto is that it is not bound to a nations economy or financial status. SO if things go crazy like how it is in Venezuela it offers relative stability and prevents governments from extracting wealth from all of those that deal in the currency, such as how at the moment the US government is extracting wealth from all those that deal in the US dollar by inflating their currency (just letting you know to fully understand how important crypto is you need to get relatively deep into economic theory) Rather instead the value of crypto is decided by market forces, as no crypto currencies are currently dominant currencies this is decided by how much people are willing to invest in the currency, for profit, out of lack of trust in any one nation's currency such as the dollar, or sometime to oversight of governments.
    Now one thing to understand, most of the popular currencies are not untraceable, for most currencies (there are some exception but none of them are popular at this time) anyone can view the transactions and which wallets they were moved to, and for governments and banks with access to the banking system, with power of deduction it is possible to track down the people involved in the transactions. Now back to that criminal topic, believe it or not governments are not always benevolent, they are easily corrupted and can perform rather evil acts, having systems like that can provide freedom to those living under authoritarian or corrupt governments, for example that is why China is trying to stamp this out. They want to control who can purchase services as part of their sesame credit system if you are not loyal to them, are of the wrong race, practice any religion (like the Uyghur Muslims in Shin Jiang province, or Falun Gong) they want to prevent those who are disloyal, and they don't like, as well as those associated or related by family from taking a single step. 
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    boggy77 reacted to Nacht in China’s Inner Mongolia Declares War on Crypto Mining   
    Mining bad.
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    boggy77 got a reaction from curiousmind34 in PC crashes/freezes   
    ram in slots 2 and 4, docp enabled?
    sounds like some sort of instability, maybe your overclock isn't stable, try reseting bios to factory defaults and see if you're still getting the error.
    also, try to look in the event log for any system errors that happen when the freeze happens.
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    boggy77 reacted to kes2006 in R7 2700x vs r5 3600   
    Well I forgot I have a b550 board lol and the 2700x isn’t supported so I’ll go with a 3600 or maybe a 3700 
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    boggy77 got a reaction from Wh0_Am_1 in Help me pick a laptop from these 2 options   
    the r5 4600h is much better than the r7 3750h.
    given that everything else is the same in the two laptops (apart from screen refresh rate), i'd go with the r5 4600h laptop
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    boggy77 got a reaction from Jkn in Ram suggestions   
    looks good
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    boggy77 got a reaction from FakeKGB in Ram suggestions   
    looks good
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    boggy77 got a reaction from SEAL62 in My first PC   
    better go with a b450
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    boggy77 got a reaction from Noob-pc-builder in PC turns off while benchmarking   
    yeah psu is probably overheating and shutting itself off
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    boggy77 got a reaction from TechGizmoDude in Want to build a new Gaming PC!   
    the only issue I see are the two very expensive 4k monitors. unless you play on both at the same time (unlikely), you don't need both.
    otherwise, looks pretty good. you could save some money if you wanted, here and there, by getting a cheaper motherboard and cheaper PSU, but otherwise looks good.
    actually now that I look at it, you're paying twice as much on the psu than you need to. similarly for the motherboard.
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    boggy77 got a reaction from jaslion in Planning a new build/upgrade   
    i think the maximus hero is overpriced, you don't need such an expensive motherboard. you can save some money there that could go towards a 10850k. also, i'd go for 2x16gb ram, to leave room for future upgrades.
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    boggy77 reacted to epicguy in 843B GPU Availability   
    ok, when i open my pc i will post a photo of the PSU
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    boggy77 got a reaction from Avanta8 in ~800 pound gpu recomendations   
    making new posts every few minutes won't solve your problem
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    boggy77 reacted to Stahlmann in In what situation a person will buy a B550 instead of X570?   
    Like @boggy77said, i'd almost always go for B550. If you compare the same feature set and VRM quality they're often cheaper than X570 boards. Most consumers will not need any of the additional features that X570 will bring to the table. Plus you also get rid of the small chipset fan that come with most X570 boards.
    The only reason i can think of right now is, when you actually need multiple PCIe 4.0 drives for some reason. Otherwise just go for B550.
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    boggy77 reacted to mariushm in In what situation a person will buy a B550 instead of X570?   
    People that don't want another potential point of failure in the fan that cools the heatsink. 
    People that don't think they're gonna need or care about having pci-e 4.0 coming from chipset (basically the 2nd m.2 and the bottom pci-e slot are typically connected to chipset)
    B550 designs should be more modern, and often include updated peripherals (newer and better onboard audio chip ex alc1200 or alc1220 instead of alc892,  2.5g ethernet and/or wireless instead of regular 1 gbps ethernet), and you may get more usb 10g on the back on the io shield or a nicer mix of usb type c , usb 10g front panel header etc etc
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    boggy77 got a reaction from Stahlmann in In what situation a person will buy a B550 instead of X570?   
    in almost all situations. b550 is newer technology, optimised for the 5000 series. many of the boards have better/newer features and better vrms. they are also usually cheaper.
    the only reason to go for x570 is for better compatibility (it can take ryzen 2000 series and apus, the b550 boards can only take 3000 and 5000 series) and the fact that you can have 8+sata connections and 8+ usb connections.
    i guess in the end it really depends at which exact models you're looking and what cpu you have.
    just to give an example, the msi x570 gaming plus is an overheating garbage, while the msi b550 gaming plus is excellent.
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    boggy77 got a reaction from linuxChips2600 in Nvidia Mining GPU CMP HX: The state of mining from 2 perspectives and a meme no one asked for!   
    the way I see it: if you feel affected by the negative comments towards "miners", it means you subconsciously feel guilty about it in some way or another. maybe you feel you add to the problem of e-waste or maybe you're not on a renewable energy power plan or something.
    if you are just passionate about hardware and crypto and are just using a couple of cards to explore this technology and have a hobby, you shouldn't feel affected by the angry comments from gamers towards miners.
    I myself use my gpu to mine when i don't game. I do it for fun, for a hobby, to learn about crypto and because my room is cold so the extra 100W from my gtx 1660 helps. I make about $60 a month, so that's not the main purpose for me. So I don't consider myself a miner and I don't feel guilty and I don't feel like the negativity towards miners is targeted towards me. even if I managed to buy another card and mine on both of them I would still not feel guilty, as the main purpose would still be heating my room.
    At the moment I buy/build a mining rig with 4+ high end cards that I bough from scalpers to drive at max hashrate to maximise profit, while keeping the windows open to cool the room, that is when I'd start feeling guilty about trying to make money in a non-sustainable way and at the expense of gamers.
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    boggy77 got a reaction from SeAsOn3 in I do not know what I should buy to upgrade my graphic card current: amd rx570   
    given current gpu prices, 230 won't buy you much. 
    you can try to sell your existing 570 for around $150-$200 and then you'll have $400 with which you can probably buy a second hand rx5600xt or rtx2060.
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    boggy77 got a reaction from freckles_ZA in How to start with Crypto mining?   
    yes you download minerstat.
    you also need to have a eth wallet.
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    boggy77 reacted to Mateyyy in Insanely high IDLE CPU temps (Ryzen 5 3600)   
    Sounds like a bad mount. Try remounting the CPU cooler, and also removing the thermal paste that's on there and applying some fresh one, if you've got any on hand.
    Also, try being extra careful when you're taking the cooler off. Because of the AM4 socket and CPUs, often times the especially sticky thermal paste will glue the CPU to the cooler and pull it right out of the socket (which isn't ideal, to say the least).
    A good idea would be removing the cooler right after shutting down the system (so the paste is still warm), and also pull the cooler off with a twisting motion, as opposed to just pulling it straight up.