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  1. My xbox one controller (non elite) has upward stick drift, is there anyway to fix this quickly as i need it in an hour or so.
  2. How many fans can i put on a prime b450m-a mobo with an rgb header looking to put about 5 or 6
  3. Because i happened to stumble upon it. Move on
  4. He didnt ask for your opinion, he asked for help with his fans.
  5. Love it, thanks for your reply, cheers.
  6. Thank you for the fast and simple reply, ill take a look at each of those, which one do you prefer of the two? Cheers
  7. Hi, i was looking at upgrading my power supply to a corsair RM550x 80+ gold psu, would this be sufficient with a little headroom for this current setup and how reliable are corsair psus? Ive heard nothing but good things. Im looking to upgrade my gpu and motherboard to an RTX 2060- 2070 super in the near future and mobo is undecided Specs: RX590 8gb Gaming X OC GPU Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Asus Prime b450m-a motherboard 16gb ddr4 3000mhz RAM (dual channel 2x8gb) 500gb WD Blue nand SSD (upgrading with a second 1tb) Current psu: thermaltake smart 600w 80+ gold Per
  8. Are the most up to date drivers the best for my specific card?
  9. Do they cool as adequate as a normal heatsink? Especially under load im gonna be gaming and streaming and ive heard noctuas name fly around before.
  10. Would replacing the stock paste with said arctic mx-4 help temps or would the benefit be negligible? (Edit: for the gpu)
  11. Alright, i just need adequate cooling with a low profile and not a big beefy heatsink you know, if you have any great air coolers that arent huge my budget is around 80-100
  12. Hi, i was wondering if thermal grizzly kryonaut would be good for an rx 590 and a ryzen 5 3600 (non x). I was considering getting a corsair h60 120mm AIO, i dont need anything bigger. Are there any better 120mm aios and would that thermal paste be best for gaming and said cpu and gpu type?
  13. Im in the process of an RMA, ive tested my ram and its worked fine, the gpu was the only thing that underperformed and had problems. So just to be safe im sending the power supply and gpu back, and buying a corsair 650w gold-platinum psu and waiting for a brand new gpu to be shipped back, thanks for your reply and time.