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  1. nvm, it worked for about 10 mins but crashed again.
  2. RAM frequency, so i put the card in a diff PCI slot and it seems to be working now. im gonna toss my old 670 in the top slot to see if maybe it was a bad slot or something.
  3. so i put the card in my old computer and it seems to work fine, temps are in mid 30s and no crashes. i guess i will try to reformat and reinstall everything next. i also tried resetting my BIOS settings because i did change the mem frequency but idk if that could of had anything to do with it.
  4. i tried to check the temps with MSI afterburner and it was sitting at 35c. as soon as i opened call of duty it crashed again, the temp was showing 38c right b4 that. i am about to toss it in my old comp to see what happens. Edit: now the computer wont even start up b4 the card crashes, as soon as i get past POST the fan gets super loud and doesn't do anything past that. i have never heard a fan so loud before, it sounds like its about to take off into space.
  5. so i ran the DDU and then put the card back in and restarted. my computer then automatically installed some drivers from 7/24/19 so i downloaded the latest and installed them which is from 1/6/20 is there a way to disable the auto install of the other drivers?
  6. ok thanks i will try the DDU and yes i still have my old computer that i could toss it in and test it with. i will also try to get some temps with MSI afterburner too.
  7. Hi, i built a new PC about a month ago, the only thing that inst brand new is my graphics card. its a PNY 1080 FE i have been using this card for about 2 years now and haven't had any issues. today i was playing COD MW and my computer crashed. all of my screens went black but i could still hear sound until i restarted my comp. i just opened call of duty again and loaded into a game and instantly the screens go black and the fan on my card starts spinning extremely fast and it is very loud. it does the same thing when i open world or Warcraft. the first thing i tried was updating my
  8. so my comp is ding the same thing with my gtx 670 and im 90% sure its my PSU. i have had issues with it in the past. i have an old rosewill PSU from my old computer that can handle my set up just fine. im going to toss that in and hopefully that will solve my issue.
  9. thanks for the advice, heres an update. so i updated the drivers i actually did a complete reinstall with the latest drivers now my computer is restarting as soon as i open any game. i have tried COD 4 (the orginal one that is like 10 years old) fortnite GTA5 and world of warcraft. so the fact that it is instantly restarting leads me to believe that it is not an overheating problem and something wrong with the card its self. i am going to put my 670 back in just to make sure it is actually the graphics card and not something else causing the issue. also i dont have a lot of exp
  10. i recently bought a 1080 FE off a guy that used it as an external graphics card for an alienware laptop. the laptop had a gta980m and he said he rarely even used the 1080. i was upgrading from a 670 which has served me well for almost 6 years. the 1080 seems to preform very well when it does work but with higher intense graphics games like GTA 5 my computer will pretty much immediately restart when i launch it. i have mostly been playing classic wow lately and it does okay with that but i have had a few random restarts. i actually put a external USB fan in my case pointed at the graphics card