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    Maximus XII APEX
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    EVGA 1080Ti FTW3
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    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
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    1x SSD 240GB , 2x 4TB HDD
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    Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium - 850W
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    Asus PG278QR
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    W10x64 Pro

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  1. I have 420mm rad. Well. if just opening browser 20c in 1s on water and 5c on Air something is weird right ? in CB15 65c in 1s on water and if i do more loop my CPu max 80c but temp of water go from 24c to 26c . on air max 65c
  2. Hello guys. I have problem with my water cooling. Before i put water cooling on my main rig i wanted to tested on backup rig. Maximus XI Apex + 9900KF ( i didnt want risk any leaks on my main rig). EK-WB Velocity was really pain in the ass to mount because it has big thumb nuts and Apex has RAM slots close to socket. I never had good thermal paste spread. I tried ball in middle or spread it with Spatula. And when i remove block there was just little paste on block iself. I tried mount several times... same result so i returned the water block. now i have Heatkiller IV pro. But with this
  3. I Know. I Have gaming PC, this was just for old time and fun try. i just ask, because i don't know if each SLI/Crossfire connector has some purpose or it doesn't matter where you plug in the SLI/Crossfire bridge
  4. Hello. i have 2x MSI Hawk 5770 and Sapphire 5770 Vypor-x. MSI has one crossfire conector but Sapphire has two , and i find that 5770 could do 3-way crossfire. And because crossfire connectors are not aligned i wonder if i connect them as on picture would it work? Thanks
  5. That is good point, i didn't think that far ahead
  6. Hello. Guys I need help. I bought Rampage IV Extreme (Just for fun time and overclock). The guy send me picture of socket. Everything look fine so i bought it, but at home after close inspection i notice something weird about socket. If you look from one side all pins are nice and shiny, but if you look from oposit side there is little dark spot. So i took board at work we have microscope there and we check it. And we found out that one pin has missing golden head (i am sorry i dont know how to say it better). So it's not bend so i can't try to fix it. I tried put electrical tape on CPU and pu
  7. do you have latest bios? according to gigabite site it fix Vcore (but personally i would still try set negative offset) That 1.3V you tried was set manual ?
  8. Download HWinfo. and check your Vcore (don't be mistaken by VID, don't bother about it ) because all mobo at stock put really lots of voltage into CPU and that means lots of heat. so you could do negativ offset -0,040 or maybe more it depend on CPU ( everyone is diffrent) and LLC
  9. Sorry i don't know about anything. you could buy some RGB hub (terminal) but it will be more expensive, you should return this if possible and buy correct one
  10. you bought 5V (3 pin) Addressable RGB LED Strip (each LED or section) can be different color. But your motherboard support only 12V (4pin) RGB (whole strip is one color). So if you want use RGB on your motherboard you need to buy 4pin 12V RGB strip
  11. I don't think reinstall helps, maybe i should try. But now my OS is 2 months old, and i think i have this problem from 1809 version. i think i will wait for BIG april update to reinstall. Tomorrow i will send my monitor to RMA so who knows how long will my PC be off. but thank you for help. i will post fi find something new
  12. ok so after few minutes audio problem is back (hw info is off) so it must be something else. All ACPI looks up-to date. maybe it's just windows problem, i heard after some update in past people have problems with audio. so maybe windows doing something weird after wake up, or audio driver having bad initialization after wake up. ED/ now latencymon show everything is fine but sound isnt fine... damn ED2/ now looks like dxgkrnl.sys and ntoskrnl.exe causing latency (hwinfo is still off) but now sound is normal, 5min problem back to normal. looks like now its random. before (hwinfo was s
  13. thank you i will try and so after little googling i found that acpi.sys could be lots of thing and on reddit someone mentioned to shutdown hwinfo. i did it and now latency mon show that everything is alright. i am 100% sure that i tried it before. after wake up i shut down all programs and try to restart them. and it didnt help but now for some reason it looks like it help not 100% but is definitelly better. i try play some movie and we will see
  14. i have this problem for long time now. i have Asus Maximus Xi apex and on ROG forum lots of people complain about similar thing but looks like no one knows what the problem is. My drivers,bios,windows is up to date. iam using drivers from driver-station website. i have similar problem on my older z170 and z270 (all ASUS btw) boards. but with my Z390 i know that its only when i wake PC from sleep. and with this Latencymon i don't know what i should be looking for