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    And now my profile doesn't work anymore. Fix plz.

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    Studying my heart out
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    Not Telling
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    And I have a rOtring 600. Its just that important.
    AND.... I lost it. I'm sure someone stole it.


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    Core 2 Quad 9300
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    4gb samsung
  • GPU
    GT 430
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    250gb crucial ssd, 500gb seagate sshd
  • PSU
    500 Watt
  • Display(s)
    23 inch Asus
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    Random Case Fans
  • Keyboard
    HP Elite V2
  • Mouse
    EVGA Torq x10
  • Sound
    Custom One Pros, Audioengine A5+ with S8
  • Operating System
    Windows 7

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  1. Yeah i've heard that they are used on the Das keyboard C.
  2. I dunno, I'd say to stay off a physical relationship until you get a job.
  3. You sure you don't just want a flame thrower instead? A small one so you don't burn everything. http://www.amazon.com/Red-Dragon-BP-2512-SVC/dp/B000NI7PQG But if you want to go for it... http://throwflame.com/products/flamethrower/ 2 day shipping available
  4. I find the time square thing to be less incriminating.
  5. @spartaman64 I've tested the blue switches on a CM keyboard, they seem too hard for me to press lightly. I was met with much resistance when trying to touch tap them. I thought that I would like them but now it seems like browns/reds are the best choice for me. I'd much rather go for a das pro 4 or the WASD code to be honest.
  6. Which titan are you talking about.
  7. You don't know their profit or how much they are losing. Even xbox is barely turning a profit.
  8. Its a blue skin. My usps guardian factory new is a level above that and its still only a dollar. It is basically the least rare skin available in a skin opening and the only reason its not already 50 cents is because of the epic looks. All the other blue skins are 1 dollar and less.
  9. Not even half a week, and the AK elite build has already dropped from 30 to 12 dollars! Can't wait for it to drop to 2 dollars so I can finally buy it. Thanks valve for adding a good looking cheap skin.
  10. Oh My God. In December, I was going to trade my cs go knife up to a Flip Knife Night Factory New, then worth 140 dollars, but I got scammed for a flip knife night minimal wear, worth only 80 dollars. (Totally my fault, I didn't have steam inventory helper) Looking now at the Flip knife night minimal wear, it has risen from 80 dollars to 120 dollars. So I was like wow, how much is the flip knife night factory new worth now? 400 FUCKING DOLLARS If that bastard hadn't had a scam listing, I would have profited 300 dollars. Just kicking myself real hard right now.
  11. Tonylu1595

    IOS 8.4 beta

    Wish I could try it out before permanently installing. First version of iOS 8 was pretty laggy for my iphone 5.
  12. What's wrong with having 8k support? Since when were people mad about pushing technology further? By all means, support all the resolution as you want as long as it doesn't affect the end user experience of those who can't use it.
  13. Now I just need 5 of those to get the 1 petabyte drive.
  14. Erm. Strained Si lattices like Si-Ge are old news. Intel has found little room for improvement over this 2004-2006 tech, and now are currently seeking to change the gate shape . Sadly, the exact details are kept under wraps. It is known that in order to get a high-k dielectric constant they used exotic metal oxides like HfO. it is possible to reverse engineer the process in terms of dimensions, probably do some guess work on doping levels and such. But as to the actual contents of the metallic structures? Few people have the expertise and budget to duplicate that sort of work.
  15. As the apple TV hasn't been updated since March 2012, there were a lot of people expecting 4k.