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  1. yeah, that's what i've decided to do after doing some more research. seems like an adapter will work. thanks.
  2. The VGA is connected to the motherboard. Only my primary monitor (DVI) is hooked up to the gpu.
  3. the VGA is connected to the motherboard, only my primary monitor with a DVI cable is hooked up to the gpu.
  4. So I got a new GPU today (AMD Radeon RX 460 4gb) for my pc, and after installing it and a new power supply, I booted up the machine and found that my second monitor that has a VGA connector does not display anything other than a black screen. I tried restarting my pc several times, as well as unplugging and re-plugging the VGA connector. That did nothing to fix the issue. Before i got the new GPU this issue had never happened before. Any help is appreciated. Thanks