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  1. Nothing out of this world but happy to break the 30k barrier. Now just waiting to get the Dark Hero to push this harder
  2. Hello, I am planning to setup a chiller as my stepup from long time using 360mm AIOs. I was curious about condensation and understanding how cold I could go without issues. For instance my Acurite 5-1 sensor outdoors is telling me dew point is 25º F right now which is typical in Utah it seems. Does that help me determine the safe temps I could run? I am going to be getting someone to assist with the tubing to avoid leakings since I have not done REAL water cooling yet but very excited about this new project. Thanks
  3. Hope you can help me with this decision :) So I have the Acer XF272 240hz which is REALLY good for CSGO but I am playing less of it (I only like Dust 2 DM and got sick of hackers and morons just camping AWPs in every corner). So I decided to return the Acer and get a monitor that I can use for other things not just CSGO. So I was looking at this monitor, the LG 27GL83A-B, or even the LG 32GK650F-B. I have to main Photo/video editing monitors the BenQ PD3200u and the SW2700PT. So this would be my 3rd more gaming friendly monitor yet able to display better image than my current Acer TN.
  4. dude..no. In the computer world there is ALWAYS a workaround. I dont give up that easily but thanks for your info
  5. Lame. Glad I asked Then again I am no stranger to modding so I will look around to see how complicated it is.
  6. Hello! So my system is still rocking it for my needs with a highly OCed 6 core CPU. The only thing I want to update is the USB 3.0 (getting a PCIe card for that) and an M.2 (also PCIe of course) to use as my main OS drive. I know my PCI-e is 2.0 so was looking for advice on my best option to get this done. Thanks!
  7. Photo “Leo the Lynx and a deadly look...” by Gabriel Gerena #500px https://t.co/20hqIyx52S

  8. Hello! So I just setup this P55 build with a i5 750 and 2 sticks of Gskill RAM 2x2GB but then I noticed in Windows it was showing only half of it really usable. So I went to the Bios and noticed its only telling me I have 2GB of RAM even thought it shows both sticks there. So this is what happens, if I place on single stick of RAM on Slot 1 (the second one as you know how this works) then all I get is a non stopping short beeps sound. Its odd for me to get that since that will indicate power supply issues from what I read BUT this does not happen when I insert one single RAM stick on S
  9. I am very used to OCing and around computers (started with the C64 and Tandy Coco! lol) but the part abotu cutting those plastic thingies are my least favorite part. In any case, I guess my concern is mostly performance more than how hard it would be to flash a bios and etc for the 771 to 775 mod. If I am not really going to get much of a performance difference between the two then I may as well save the money and stick to the Xeon since I will have to add another cooler for the i5 which will add up to the price as I do not have any 1155 mounting for my old Scythe Ninja Rev 1. But if the i5
  10. Hello guys! I have been running an E8500 OCed to 4.2Ghz for my HTPC but due to a more demanding script for Media Player Classic (MPC) called SVP , the E8500 is not enough to get me to higher levels..just Level 1 from a possible Level 5. So I was going to build an HTPC from a spare i7 920 chip I got but turned out the mobo I got from a seller on this forum was bad, so I am back to searching. So then found I found a thread about Xeons on the old 775. But now besides the thoughts of a Xeon for around $50 to $70 depending on which one I go for, another offer is on the table. Someone offered me a
  11. Sure the M100 goes all in build quality and the BW and HD8 goes all in marketing...your choice. And love the final part... " the choice by elimination (IMO) goes to the HD8" That is hilarious..choice by ELIMINATION. What a great way to select a product without even knowing how they sound. The M-100 are very detailed for your information. I like them better than the Sens Momentums which are pretty awesome too just missing a bit of bass that I prefer while the M-100 have the sound I prefer...which is having good amount of detailed bass but you are not killing mids and highs for it.