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  1. I love the idea of using water droplets in photography. It is a super simple and easy way to take a good photo and make it great. But, I think your photo is too busy. It doesn't draw my eye to the focal point and there a too much going on in the blurred out the foreground. Try to give me a subject to look at in the photo. Here was my 4th of July picture using water droplets and backlighting to put the flag inside the drops. This was all done in camera.
  2. I just wanted to add that I'd hang that top picture on my wall right now. I LOVE the texture of every part of this photo. The foreground slightly defocused to draw attention to the beautifully textured mountains to the texture of the clouds in the sky. You should post this on Reddit with a link to buy prints. But, that's just my 2 cents!
  3. I have a Canon 70D, 5D m4, and Sony FS5. I use the 18-35 mostly for video, but I love the way it looks on my 70D. My 18-35 is quite a bit sharper than my Canon 24-70 so I'm hoping their new 24-70 is just as sharp.
  4. The Tamron is an ok lens and you can pick one up for about $700. My Canon 24-70 mk I has slow autofocus and has a ton a wear and tear on it, so it's time for me to get a new one. I live and die by Sigma's 18-35 f1.8 lens and I love the whole Art lineup. As long as the lens is as sharp as I hope I'll be buying it.
  5. Source: http://www.imaging-resource.com/lenses/sigma/24-70mm-f2.8-dg-os-hsm-art/review/ I've been holding off on upgrading my Canon 24-70 2.8 version 1 since Sigma announced the 24-70 Art lens. I LOVE Sigma's Art lineup and I'm super excited for a, hopefully, super sharp 24-70! Is anyone else going to hop on the Sigma Art bandwagon and pick one up?
  6. 9/10 for the coke on a ladder. That looks like a frame pulled right out of a coke commercial and I'm a big fan of the way it looks. This is a snapshot I grabbed of my cousin at a baseball game. I just love the way my Sigma 18-35 f1.8 looks!
  7. Id like to add that most of these transmitters are made for monitors where dropped frames aren't important. The Aputure one is a piece of junk in my experience, it drops so many frames at any distance over 15 feet. Its important to have a high quality signal when transmitting the footage you are actually recording or streaming. I'd recommend anything made by terradeck, that's what we use on live TV cameras in basketball stadiums for ESPN. I'm not sure of your price range but check out the Teradek Bolt 500.
  8. So I've been livestreaming weddings with Canon 70D's for a year or so now. Canon doesn't want to support livestreaming and doesn't give high res clean HDMI in most cases so you have to move to 3rd party software. I've tried several and by far the best is DigiCamControl, http://digicamcontrol.com. It can be a bit confusing to set up the first few times but I've never had the software crash even a single time which is invaluable for a live event. Also, you will need to buy a licence for each camera you run I believe, but I've never run 2 cams off one computer so I'm not sure.
  9. Just curious, what did you use for your black background for these shots? I'm struggling to find a completely non reflective black "infinity" background. I've tried a few fabrics, black seamless, and black foamcore. Black seamless looks the best from what I've used, but I don't love it.
  10. For video this is the best way to start. Check out this video to pick one. https://youtu.be/kwrGLPi6qb4 He has a video for the $50-$100 range of led pannels as well as a ton of other budget video gear.
  11. I know for the new 8K videos can take over a week for that resolution to show. 1440p can take a day or two sometimes to show up, thats normal.
  12. I have a ton of different diffusion material. Lots of different umbrellas, diffusion blankets, bounce boards, and soft boxes. My favorite is a photoflex 72inch umbrella I also have grids for the hard hair light that I like. I have all yongnuo 560 IV's so I use the built in receiver with the TX-560, witch is surprisingly good with fantastic range.
  13. This seems like an ideal situation for those wifi SD cards in my eyes. One computer can connect to multiple cameras directly with the files instead of using canon camera connect or something.
  14. A majority of what I shoot for head shots is in the "Dylan Patrick Style", I like the look a lot but it doesn't fit this situation. This picture is a pretty common setup for me. After lots of looking I really like this pose and angle. I'll probably shoot it like this in his office with his large book cases in the background. I'm really not sure how I'll set up the lighting for this to prevent weird arm shadows. I usually use 4/5 youngnuo 560's with shoot through or reflective umbrellas.