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  1. i am especially looking forward to the sleeving job (a shame that nils had to close the shop for now; wanted to order something too). And i agree 100% asymmetry with colors looks way better. Gold can really look amazing
  2. this looks very interesting, but unfortunately this only seems to support the mobile gpus up to the hd 8000 but i am on a desktop pc; enduro isn't available at all on desktops i think but i will give the modified driver for intel gpus a try, lets see what happens
  3. yes and no ^^ the active ones are expensive and still don't provide enough bandwidth for higher refresh rates
  4. Hi everyone, i have a secondary monitor which needs a vga connection and the r9 290 doesn't feature a RAMDAC anymore and i don't want to buy an active adapter. Would it be somehow possible to send the video signal from the AMD card to the hd 4000 (have an i5 3570k) and just use the iGPU for converting the signal to analogue? Depending on the game i would also want to play on my 2nd monitor so that's why i don't just use the hd4000 as a dedicated card for the 2nd monitor.
  5. take a look at the overscan setting in the catalyst driver did you connect your screen via hdmi?
  6. i did this recently with a hd 7870 and a gtx 9800 it works but it is hacked together and you will run into issues and have to fix every second game manually because of different physx versions and libraries used by games physx is nice but not THAT nice
  7. if the warranty is based on serial number (ergo transferable) i would get one; otherwise ehhhh....propably not and if it is a reference card you have to add another 50$ or so for a good aftermarket cooler
  8. watch_dogs (or bascialy any ubisoft pc port) is/are total shitshows anyway; i wouldn't even consider those games for benchmarks
  9. wouldn't every card with such a high TDP fry itself withouth a full cover watercoolingblock? And it would be way over PCIe specs too Unless i get something wrong with TDP/power consumption here but this doesn't seem realistic at all
  10. a million times this ^ i wanted to go nvidia but their pricing is borderline insulting, r9 290 tri-x is 345€ and the cheapest gtx 780 (with 1gb less vram!) is at least 400€; and not faster; wtf nvidia
  11. the gtx 295s vram will be drowned in pixels
  12. get the sapphire tri-x; best cooler currently if you tweak the fan profile there isn't really much of a performance difference between all cards (at least nothing you could solve with some OC'ing) go for the best cooler imho