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  1. It’s not thermal throttling at 85. Default thermal throttling for that chip starts at 100. Some manufactures may reduce it via firmware to somewhere in the 90s, but it’s highly unlikely that they would put it at 85.
  2. A vacuum isn’t a good conductor of heat. Which is a good thing, because if it was, life on earth would be eradicated.
  3. With your logic, buying a PC to have Windows doesn’t make any sense. FC is miles ahead of anything available in terms of performance.
  4. One or both of your displays likely aren’t color calibrated. Coverage is great but means nothing if they come out of the factory with wonky calibration.
  5. Watch some comparisons on YouTube about the iPad Air vs Pro. The Air is just as good for most people unless you need 120Hz.
  6. OLED can't go away fast enough. I can't imagine spending all that money and having burn in a year later.
  7. Are they though? Take the iMac. Is it overpriced or does it come with a hyper accurate display that would cost nearly $1k on its own, a solid aluminum unibody, a workstation GPU (think along the lines of Quadro) and a ultra tier SSD? Premium parts with a premium price doesn’t mean it’s overpriced in comparison to a junky HP plastic all in one with a TN panel and mechanical drive. Same goes for the MacBooks and the rest of their lines.
  8. They've had to pay a ton of money in various lawsuits because of it. Here's some links, note that they aren't the same case, they're all separate lawsuits because they just can't stop being racist, sexist morons: https://web.archive.org/web/20091122101612/http://ny1.com/1-all-boroughs-news-content/top_stories/109168/gadget-retailer-faces-discrimination-suithttps://www.eeoc.gov/newsroom/eeoc-and-b-h-reach-43-million-settlement-national-origin-discrimination-case https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/b-h-photo-discriminated-2-hispanic-employees-lawsuit-article-1.991286 https
  9. Eh, I wouldn’t call their reputation perfect by any stretch of the imagination with the whole racially segregated bathrooms, only letting minorities work in the warehouse and outright refusal to hire women. Oh, and the whole tax fraud thing. They’re a company run by some pretty awful ultra conservative religious fanatics that think we’re living in the 1800s.
  10. Phones are absolutely faster than they were 5 years ago by a factor of like 4.5x for the iPhone 6S vs 12. There’s miles of difference in camera and screen quality as well.
  11. I'd avoid using a TV for editing work at all costs, they're nowhere remotely close to color accurate. I'd just spend the extra $200 and get a MacBook Air so you have an accurate display.
  12. Simmer down, it was reported 24 hours ago. They’re not going to instantly slap a big red button to ban a seller after reading an email. There’s definitely some kind of process they need to work through to verify the claims.
  13. No, it’s definitely currently a government agency.
  14. Stop talking to them and just file a chargeback with your bank or credit card. You should never engage with a company like this for so long, that’s why the chargeback system exists.