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  1. You can't monopolize your own product... Come on, you know that. Even if one was to dive down that absolutely illogical rabbit hole, they're not even close to being the majority platform in the mobile space. Beyond that, you know those aren't the only costs involved. What about the infrastructure and bandwidth costs to serve 100+ MB of updates to over a billion people every day or so? What about the manual app reviewers in every other county? What about the thousands and thousands of network engineers, support employees and developers behind the store and dev tools? Fac
  2. Wow. Apple also targets a 70/30 split, which is competitive with Android, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and many others. Yet you somehow think you're above your own criticism of others?! Maybe in like... the 200 bazillion videos that you complain about Apple's split, you could have prefaced the rants with "Oh by the way, my own platform takes 30% from the creators on it just like the company I'm about to complain about". But we're a special case and need to take so much to cover our costs... Apple in 2019 had over 300 employees (just for the US) manu
  3. Many Mac users work for design firms, independently design and so on... right? Doing any type of professional design on a 13 inch screen is a nightmare. I would never touch a sub 15 inch screen with a 10 foot pole while I work. No, people like to have a functional and portable machine that suits their needs. Not everyone has your job and not everyone can sit stationary at their desk for their job. I have proposals I need to show clients in person (or at least I did pre pandemic), I need to take my machine with me if I travel, I need to be able to work and finalize stuff if I don
  4. As others have said, I think that transparency is expected when you criticize other company's fees to creators. You guys often rail on Apple and suggest the take should be lower. Are there instances where floatplane takes 30% or more? If so, that would kinda be speaking out of both sides of one's mouth.
  5. I feel like LMG bulk buying cards, denying regular buyers (gamers) the opportunity to purchase them at retail and then creating preferential treatment for their fan base is just as obnoxious as the resellers themselves.
  6. Then you’ll need to pray that whatever projects you get involved in don’t involve Final Cut (and a plethora of other Mac software) or people who frequently share footage and assets with AirDrop. Macs are kind of the standard in that industry, for better or worse.
  7. Easiest solution is a HDMI cable with a built in upscaler. Something like this: https://stoneagegamer.com/levelhike-hd-compatible-cable-for-super-nintendo-model-1.html Make sure you don't have the SNES Jr (mini model). There are definitely more elaborate and better ways to go about it, but those cables are by far the easiest plug an play solution that don't cost an arm and a leg.
  8. CAD and Adobe suite on a 13 inch screen would not be a fun experience. Maybe wait a month or so until they release the M1 14 and 16 variants.
  9. Yes, getting daily POS totals isn’t rocket science for a retail worker. The thing you don’t grasp here is that a single store’s revenue for a day means absolutely nothing when you don’t know the entire chain’s costs or trends. Rent, wages, debts, profit margins, shipping costs and a plethora of other information is missing from the picture. To assume you can extrapolate how well a national chain is doing based off of a daily register total in one store is absurd. Read my above reply. I don’t have a vendetta, I have common sense. Rando customers and floor emp
  10. Again, you have no idea what their financials are. You don’t know how much their revenue or profit changed in the last year because you don’t have access to that information.
  11. You tried to make a statement of fact based on a visit you made to the store (anecdotal evidence). Again, you have no idea if they’re doing “bonkers business” in the last year because they’re a private company and you have no clue what their financial situation is just like everyone else.
  12. You don’t know that whatsoever. They’re a private company and don’t report their financials to the public. Just because you think it doesn’t make it fact...
  13. What? If you think the energy consumption of over 5 million people “really isn’t big”, that’s unfortunate. That’s also just Bitcoin... what’s the consumption equivalent for all of them combined? Is the emission footprint for 15 million people not big enough to notice too? It’s senseless pollution in a time when we need to do everything we can to reverse course. A small state also isn’t 5 million people, lol. I guess you don’t live here. 28 out of the 50 states are under 5 million in population. Power outages aren’t robbery.