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  1. What voltage are you using for the oc?
  2. The ssd enclosure is advertised as "up to 1000 mb/s". In real life you wont reach the theoretical limit of 10 gbps. Here is a image of a test of different usb generations.
  3. In crystal you are getting around 90% of advertised performance, which sounds good to me. When you are transfering a file to the ssd, what kind of hard drive are you transfering from?
  4. In general that is correct. But I have seen plenty of ddc pumps not being able to handle two radiators and two blocks, where a single D5 would perform without breaking a sweat. My experience is that the gap between a good ddc pump and a bad one is pretty big, where most D5 pumps are almost indentical. If I were you, I would try to RMA the pump, or at least test it without all the restriction, and see what flow it's producing. Then you would now if it's a flow or pressure problem with the pump.
  5. Ddc pumps dosent offer as much head pressure as a D5 pump would, that's why D5 pumps are generally recomended for loops with multiple blocks and radiators. The flow rating and pressure rating is with no restrictions, so the restriction in your radiators, fittings and blocks will lower your flow. Do you have many 90 degree fittings or quick disconnect fittings in your loop?
  6. I'm completely new to mining, and Nicehash seemed like an easy alternative. I will look into your suggestion. Thank you.
  7. I have played games for 4-6 hours many times with no crashes. I ran heaven for 4 hours with no crashes, I also ran Time spy extreme for 2 hours with no crash. I really cant seem to figur out what the problem is. Is a 380W static load on the psu harder than 600W dynamic load?
  8. The gpu and backplate is watercooled
  9. I monitor Vram temp with Hwinfo
  10. I'm having trouble where my pc is crashing after 10-120 minutes of mining ethereum with Nicehash miner. I have tried changing all the recommended windows settings, and I have a clean install of windows with all the latest drivers. In windows event log, I get code 41 Kernel-power critical. The weird thing is that the system seems completely stable while benchmarking and gaming. The GPU sits at 40 degrees on the core, and the VRAM is at 60 degrees while mining, so there shouldn't be a thermal issue. I'm starting to think it's my PSU, because it ramps u
  11. Do you also change fclk to 1900? If not, there is no point running 3800Mhz over 3600 at 1:1 ratio with fclk. Many cpus/motherboards strugle with fclk above 1800 with todays agesa code, so there are no guaranty that it would work. There's not a big performance difference between 3600 and 3800. If your not willing to spend a good amount of time fine tuning your settings, I would just settle for 3600Mhz.
  12. No, that is just wrong. one single cable could only deliver 150w. That gives you 225w to the gpu, from one cable and the motherboard. The 1080 ti is a 250w card at stock. Why do you think cards come with more than one pcie power connector, if one cable is all you need?
  13. It's safe. But the 1080ti needs more power then a single cable can deliver to reach maximum boost clock.
  14. The water temp is 60 degrees, and since one tube is hot and the other is not. It's definitely the pump that is not working.
  15. Many kits ships with 1.5V in XMP. Never seen a kit with those speeds and timings ship with an xmp profile under 1.45V. G. Skill offers life time warranty on their modules, don't think they would do that if 1.5V wasn't safe.
  16. Don't know what difference it makes, but I see u chose dual rank, are u sure ur memory is dual rank? Most are not.
  17. https://www.xtremerigs.net/2015/02/11/radiator-round-2015/5/ I see the case supports 2 x 360mm rads, but I couldent find anything about the thicknes it supports. My choices would be; Slim 30mm thick = hardware Labs black ice nemesis gts 360 Medium 45 mm thick = hardware Labs black ice nemesis gtx 360 Thick rad = hardware Labs black gtr 360 And yeah, i'm a big fan of hardware Labs, cant think of any brand that makes better radiators.
  18. You should really check out buildzoid YouTube channel, great in depth stuff. He's the guy gamersnexus uses for their motherboard analysys etc.
  19. Zen 2 came out last July, we are talking months, not 7-8 years. But use the voltage you feel comfortable using. But dont give people advise about 1.4V as an upper limet, when that clearly ain't safe.
  20. You can't compare static and adaptive voltage, there is a big difference on pumping 1.4V trough the chip 24/7 and pushing 1.5V for microseconds.
  21. Buildzoid from actually hardcore overclocking managed to degrad his 3700x with just 1.375V (static), so I would not consider "anything under 1.4V" safe for daily use.
  22. Do you have the card running of a single cable from your psu? (one cable splitting to two 8-pin)