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  • Birthday Jan 15, 1992

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    New Hampshire
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    I like to play games and eat cookies.


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    Intel Core i1-3770 CPU @ 3.4GHz (ocd to 3.98)
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H
  • RAM
    8.00 GB GSkill
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
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    Antec something or other
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    Acer XF251Q
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    Corsair liguid cooling, Antec Prizm 120 ARGB
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    Logitech G502 Hero
  • Sound
    Analog Logitech 5.1, G35 Headset
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    Windows 10

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  1. Well, if you guys actually read OP you'd see that I'm volunteering with my church. Here's a picture of our setup: Anyways, I think I'm going to go with the M87 Mac Layout Mechanical Keyboard, VELOCIFIRE 87-Key with Tactile Brown Switch, and LED White Backlit, Compatible with Mac (Black). Thanks for the help @nox_!
  2. "employer" lol. I'm spending my own money here. I need something as quiet a possible without RGB lighting or maybe a simple white glow.
  3. No but it won't be used for gaming or heavy typing. It doesn't need to be the very best like no keyboard ever was but I just want a decent mechanical keyboard that's better than this one.
  4. Hello all. I'm looking for a keyboard, but it must be rather specific. I currently serve as a graphics operator at my church. We've always used ProPresenter on MacOS. We recently bought a new iMac (overpriced AF IMO). I've gotten used to the updated ProPresenter 7 and MacOS X but I can't get used to the new keyboard. It's even worse than the old one. I feel like I'm typing on a graham cracker. So, I'm looking for a MacOS compatible keyboard with quiet mechanical keys. I'd also like it to have Bluetooth but that's not a requirement. I'm no expert on keyboard and any suggests would be considered
  5. I ran into this issue yesterday. Note that the RGB lighting was frozen. After 45m it sent me to the BIOS screen and asked me to revert to previous changes. I tried that but I hadn't made any changes. I saved and exited then it booted Windows. I entered Armory Crate and updated everything. I restarted my system to complete the updates and it happened again. So, I shut down my computer and turned off the power supply. I walked away to let all the capacitors die and lights to shut off. I turned on the power supply and booted up the system with no issues. I've booted a few times since them and it'
  6. Used this to tune my Logitech G35. Yes I'm still using a 11 year old headset. It sounds good, not great, but good. Thanks for the link!
  7. I'm sad now because not only do I enjoy his videos (not that LinusTech is going anywhere) but I honestly respect this man and how he runs his business. No doubt he has some serious cash but I hope he's happy with the next stage of life.
  8. The vast majority of purchases in New Hampshire have no sales tax. We don't have a state income tax either ;)
  9. I'd get the ASUS because the i5 over R5 isn't worth 4GB of RAM in my opinion. (I also hate HP... bad experiences.)
  10. I mean, I like the extra case fans esp. if they're RGB (and I don't care how loud it gets) but I've personally never experienced any significant performance improvements. My last build for sale only has one case fan. It runs cool and quiet.
  11. Yes that should be a safe method of installation. The Windows installer has drive and partition tools and it should also automatically register as well since it on the same system. I've had to do the same thing... broken Windows recovery option.
  12. SoundBlaster is always better than Realtek in my opinion.
  13. I personally do not have the expertise to do such a project but I imagine others do.
  14. Is 1.5TB enough for you? If not a Ryzen 7 2700X for more storage would be a tradeoff. Also, the extra case fans are not needed in my opinion.