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  1. I don't think it will look good like that. If I pay 60 USD, I don't want to deal with this amount of hacks and voodoo to make it work. I can't trust the rest of the game will be good if the developer made a game that only looks good in screenshots and not when actually playing it.
  2. Err.. there is a resoluion scale? lol I dunno, I already refunded it. I think I saw it's at my native's screen resolution.
  3. Even CS:GO looks better, just from the mere fact it's way sharper. I can't stand the blurriness of Cyberpunk 2077. It makes my 1440p monitor looks like it's 720p. Even after disabling DLSS, and RTX and DOF and motion blur, it still looks really blurry. Like I am playing a 3D game from the 90s, with those prerendered backgrounds.
  4. Yea, I know that in windows it says p60, and I saw that it doesn't say that in the TV app. That's why I asked.
  5. We got the 77 inch OLED77CXPVA LG TV. I know this TV can reach 120 FPS. I know youtube has 60 FPS 4K movies, but it seems like the TV youtube app doesn't play any video in 60 FPS. Usually when you play a youtube video at 60 FPS the quality says it's 60 FPS. In this case, we never saw 60 in the quality resolution. I tried to look at the manual of the TV, but didn't find any setthings. Do you know if there is any settings in the TV itself or the youtube app to enable 60 FPS movies in youtube?
  6. A while ago, I had BSOD on my OS, and I found that I had issues with XMP with my 64GB kit. The first step I did was to correct the file system corruption files with sfc. I then disabled the XMP, and the RAM seemed to work fine. However, recently windows notified me there is again corruption in the file system(in the notifications). I ran sfc, and it did find corrupt files and fixed them. I didn't get BSOD since fixing the RAM issue, but what can possibly cause this? It is possible that there was a power outage at some point due to a lightning
  7. I am trying to see how prices differs in my country compared to other countries. And the difference seem quite big. Why won't everyone post the price(in USD, and maybe original currency as well) of the Ryzen 5000 Series? Try to take the price from a store that give the fair minimum price. I know this specific store gets the lowest prices. Country: Israel. Store: TMS Ryzen 9 5950X: * 3852 NIS => 1141 USD Ryzen 9 5900X: * 2699 NIS => 799 USD Ryzen 7 5800X: * 2119 NIS => 628 USD Ryzen 5 560
  8. Now you can. This will take a few seconds to load, and it will ask you a small question, but it should work. https://computerrpg.com/SteamGames/
  9. I want to design a table for my desktop and home office. I know a bit of blender, can I design the table in blender? How do you suggest going about the design of the table? What do I need to design? The plate? The legs? Holes for cables or cable management? What else? Do you have tips on how to design a desk in blender so it will also be possible to create it?
  10. Thanks, that was a good explanation. My dad decided to go with this TV. He is now waiting for November because he thinks prices will drop then.
  11. This guy claims there are issues with the image quality and reflections of the LG TV, But I am not sure if the LG is still way better than the competition in terms of image quality.
  12. My dad wants to buy a new 4K TV. He wants the TV for the living room, for watching movies and TV shows. Not gaming. Although the LG TV he is interested at even has 120Hz refresh rate. Do you have suggestions for alternatives or better TVs than the OLED77CXPVA? Here is links to the TV: https://www.lg.com/il/tv/lg-OLED77CXPVA
  13. Without the XMP, With the XMP it had errors in the first pass.
  14. Finishe 2 passes without errors. Almost finishing 3rd. Should I wait for all 4 passes to finish?
  15. Yea, memtest86 found errors in test 7 and 8. I didn't finish the test. I disabled XMP overclock and now I am running it again. :/ Could a BIOS update make XMP more stable? Not sure if the memtest86 does the test regardless of the XMP profile.
  16. Ok here is the S.M.A.R.T. report The SSD NVME is the main suspect. S.M.A.R.T.(NVMe)_20201004.csv
  17. From the BIOS I mean. Edit: You ask from windows somewhere, and then it reboots into the test in the BIOS.
  18. Not sure what changed. First I got a memory error in the BSOD, so I run a test on the RAM, no issue there. Then a Page error, so it might be related to HDD/SSD I ran chkdsk and sfc, it found some corrupt files and fixed them Hope that was the cause of the issue. I think my Windows 10 is up to date, including the Samsung Magician and SSD drives. I might need to do chkdsk for all the drivers? What else could it be?
  19. Should I close my PC? I always keep it on. Do they not cool when I am not using them?
  20. I updated Samsung Magician, and it said on both of my SSD that the temperature is 59 and too high. Is that an issue? Now they are both 58. How do they get so high?
  21. Ok, I was recommended to download Streamlabs OBS and it works better.
  22. I am trying to stream a full screen game. I set OBS to "Capture specific window" and gave it the name/exe of the game. I have a Ryzen 7 2700X and a GeForce RTX 2080. I use NVIDIA NVEC. I did enable Hyper V for VRM, I am not using VRM for streaming, but it might interfere with this? I gave OBS my youtube streaming key. OBS is able to stream the audio but not the video... I suspect perhaps it has something to do with my oculus headset? Not sure, just a guess.
  23. Obs shows only sound and no image(black image). NVIDIA shadow something, which wants me to give them full control of my youtube, is unable to stream anything. I am able to stream with Twitch Studio, but I don't think I can stream from that into youtube. Why non of the streaming apps work for me?
  24. I develop games as a hobby, but I wonder... how do I properly test the audio? The way I hear sound on my PC might be very different than most players, so I might be tweaking the audio wrong. What is a proper way to test sound so I can tweak the sound correctly?