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  1. yeah I want to try it but i don't have spare gpu to boot my pc on and my mobo doesn't support q flash
  2. And when i boot it without ram the red led act the same with the ram on
  3. I tried it and it didn't work
  4. Hi everyone i just build my pc and when I I boot up the computer, there is no signal displayed onto my monitor. CPU LED stays lit for half a second then goes away, and then DRAM LED lit up few seconds and repeat. I tried single ram stick, alternating ram slot and ram stick nothing works. everything else seem working properly every fan spinning, water cooler working, VGA and ram RGP also lit, and weird thing is ram rgp light up without turning on, also the monitor worked perfectly with my laptop. Can some one please help?my spec: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 6 core AM4 3.6GHz CPU with Wraith Stealth Cool