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  • CPU
    I7-8700K OC 4.7ghz all cores
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    32Gb G-Skill Trident Z DDR4-3200mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA 2080 TI Black
  • Case
    Thermaltake core P3
  • PSU
    Rosewill 1000w
  • Display(s)
    AOC 27in Curved 1440p @ 144hhz & Sceptre 24in Curved 1080p @ 60hz
  • Cooling
    Corsair Hydro H150i Pro 360mm RGB
  • Keyboard
    Logitech Orion G910
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 Lightspeed
  • Sound
    Logitech G933
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. I mean if you're actually worried about it and haven't bought it yet then I'd just change it. Get either a Corsair or EVGA PSU. Linus talks or sponsors Seasonic a lot as well.
  2. yeah that's a pretty nice setup. I would just RMA the monitor or contact their customer support. I don't think though that issue has anything to do with it being a VA panel though. I'd look into just getting a different brand. I've been loving these AOC monitors especially coming from cheap sceptre 1080p monitors.
  3. Unless you're doing some serious overclocking paste will serve you just fine. Liquid metal isn't really that fun to deal with in the first place. I've actually been using the innovation cooling graphite thermal pad and it's never given me any issues.
  4. Looks like a brightness issue. something along the lines of localized dimming. I wouldn't say returning it would be a bad thing it just seems like the monitor is trying way too hard to keep up with what you're doing... What GPU/CPU/etc. do you have?
  5. Yeah i have 3 AOC CQ27G1 27" which are VA panels and I'm not getting that at all. I have low input mode on and overdrive all the way up and freesync off. What's your setup up? GPU/CPU/etc.
  6. okay give me a second, my monitors are VA panels so I'm not sure if i'll get the same thing but I'll see.
  7. Kinda looks like a really weird built in motion blur effect... what map is that in CS:GO i'd like to just in and test it to see if i can replicate.
  8. before i'd say it's the SSD try getting a sata to usb adapter and plug it into a usb port. if it doesn't show up then it very well may be the SSD. If it does then you may have to format the drive then plug it back in internally. I've had a few issues like this before and it's usually just windows not recognizing the drive at all. Probably wait on a better answer though before doing anything too drastic.
  9. I feel like an application like this would be extremely useful in a laptop to be able to upgrade your parts rather than buy a whole new system everytime. Though I'm definitely not old enough to have ever actually seen these.
  10. normally there isn't much of a difference. I would stick with the main 4 though. EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte, and Asus. I've never owned MSI or Gigabyte so i'm not 100% sure about their quality over the years. I've always stuck with EVGA and I've had Asus for a short period of time. Just stay away from Zotac and PNY they're the lesser known cheap brands.
  11. If you can afford a 3080 then that's the way to go. best bang for the buck though will be the 3070. I'm only getting a 3090 cuz quite a few games use more than the 11gb of vram that my 2080ti has. (COD, FFXV, etc.) 3080's should be in stock again within the next month or so. With you wanting to run 1440p at 144hz your best choice will be the 3080 regardless.
  12. Yeah I found the GN video on the subject. I'll give that a look after. I never knew of that feature, I would never use it, but i never knew that was even a thing. I skipped the 9 and went from a note 8 to a S10 plus to a S20 Ultra. I've just never appreciated Apple's tactics with what they are doing between their IOS and such. I like iPhones cuz they are usually really smooth and just work but I just have no respect Apple.
  13. lol, That's fair. It's like the whole Apple vs Android thing. I had an iPhone once and I stayed with android ever since. I'll have to find that video
  14. V-Sync may reduce tearing but it can lower your overall fps (I've had more problems with it on than off). If you turn it off you would be able to see what kind of FPS you are actually getting. Also basically anything over 90hz is negligible unless you have the reaction time to match it. Having a higher refresh rate monitor can also make 60fps look a lot smoother. I initially switched from a 75hz 1080p to this one and all the games I played were even smoother even with slightly lower fps due to the resolution jump. I would still recommend getting a 144hz panel as it will make everything smoothe
  15. Well that's good to know. lol. Wasn't the driver fix just to lower the power capabilities on the cards so they can't clock so high to negate having to change their mfg for the caps? Or did I completely miss that info too? Um... I've just never been a fan of AMD and probably never will be. I like my Intel chips. Call me a fanboy all you want but I'm sticking with Intel regardless if AMD happens to make a better CPU. Money isn't exactly and issue for me so spending more for the same performance on an Intel vs AMD doesn't bother me. Essentially when I was in high school I took a colle