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  1. yeah, agree with this. the name is quite awkward. Apple Talk would have been better (regardless of the fact there was a podcast with that name)
  2. thought the video was nicely done just not sure why they launched the channel with that video. It's ostensibly a video about Keychain's shortcomigs (which i totally agree with) but it's value is in the statement: use a password manager. As many have commented on the video it was a shame to not see a mention of Bitwarden instead of one of the other identi-kit managers in the video. looking forward to the next video
  3. ahh nice one, thanks! yeah, it's a bit exxy but could also swivel it and use it as a gaming monitor since my other monitor is a 4k widescreen with 1000ms response etc
  4. dang, didn't know that about Zoom and hadn't even considered that (OFC) these platforms are controlling your throughput to maintain service. Am using Slack, Teams and Zoom every day for video so perhaps the streamcam is good future proofing at least if and when these platforms lift or raise their limits. Plus, i'm sure my family will like to see how the aging process is affecting me when on facetime with them
  5. you know, i thought to look into that at one point. Got an iPhone 11 pro so the camera is plenty good enough (to beat my work laptops camera) but yeah, didn't look into how to do it effectively. Anyone have any tips, throw them up here!
  6. ah nice, literally just watched the LTT 3 4K gaming video - it's that monitor right?
  7. ah yeah, well, i guess i should say that the only camera i own are my phone and a couple of old film cameras
  8. Need some tips on a very thin be-bezelled monitor. Looking for something to run in portrait next to my wide screen monitor - whatcha got?
  9. as thousands of others are i'm in the market for a webcam. Gotta make sure my colleagues can see every stray hair and wrinkle in every meeting. Full disclosure, i ordered a Logitech Streamcam yesterday, but i'm wondering what you all use and why you went with it?
  10. NIce, thanks! Yep, was thinking it was a reference monitor too
  11. please help! i am simply curious as to what model the monitor that this guy has on his desk during this video. does anyone know??
  12. that's awesome! I didn't notice how old it was when it had come up as a result for a search i did for Blue Yeti (someone asked me if it was decent so i came hee to see what people were saying). Sorry to step on your toesies :)
  13. really depends what you need it for? If it's just for gaming then just (really) get any half-decent usb mic. If it's for gaming and streaming then maybe a good usb-mic - the elgato wave 3 is brilliant as are the blue yeti mics. If you want the best sound you can get for video audio, maybe some music recording then get a decent condenser and a good audio interface like one of the 3rd series focusrite scarletts. If it's just for gaming/a little streaming please don't bother spending lots of money on a high end mic and interface
  14. ahhhh! great to hear the planning has already started on your end! I've been trying to hold off until I know the case is coming but i'm tempted to start planning too now