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  1. Summary Today (23.09.2021) the European Kommision will propose a law that forces all manufactures of Cellphones, Tablets, Cameras, Headphones and gaming consoles to use the USB-C standard for charging. The proposal aims to help consumers to reduce waste and also includes a section that forces all manufactures to exclude chargers for all products. It aims to reduce electronic waste by 980Tonnes pa. My thoughts This has been long overdue and I hate to see devices that still use mirco usb. Sources EU führt einheitliches Ladekabel für Handys ein - Schl
  2. Ok now you made me lookup the exact law regarding Hehlerei (buying and selling of stolen goods). In fact the german law states that if you buy something online from a privat person, even when its an auction, you dont "have" to assume it was stolen by only taking the price into account (LG Karlsruhe vom 28.09.2007, Az.: Ns 84 Js 5040/07 – 18 AK 136/07) As i said, the keys were in fact not stolen (this is clearly stated by the article source) but brought (from sites like alibaba). I researched a bit more and found another article that states that the German agencies mainly targ
  3. Ok but that is not the case in germany AFAIK. If there is no sign that you are buying a stolen good you cannot held liable. But back to topic: The keys are not in fact Stolen or brought with stolen credit cards or something like that, they are Legal, Original keys. But not where they were used in germany. The whole case rests on the fact that although the keys are legal, users in german do not process a license through the act of buying the key. Much the same as buying a Russian Steam key for 2$ from steam in russia and using it to activate a game on your US steam account were the game wo
  4. You are a private person, maybe you are in need of money its cheep yes? but it is my personal bad luck if it was stolen and i will have it taken from me. Let me put it this way: That would fit the situation i guess^^
  5. Well its not that clear in the press, it seem to be both true. I guess it depends from case to case and from key to key. If it was an retail key i guess the goverment goes with copyright infringement (here used for a broader term for a german law) for using a software without license. This seem to be a weaker case. If the key was an OEM key i guess they go with Money Laundering (for your said reasons)
  6. It could be tho. - First if thoese where actually OEM keys, the reseller and you would already in breach of contract therefore not having a valid license and using the software without a valid license. (in rougth translation this is considered a copyright infringment) - Apart from that to be considered to be an OEM you have to sell thoese maschines you have build, therefore using another OEM's license. (Apply same reasoning from point above) - Again as discussed in a post above, the buyer cannot say they acted in good faith as the whole case rests on the matter that everyone who sh
  7. I really dont know, even the lawyer said its unreasonable (from an outside view). Personally I can only suspect they are investigating people who tried to deal with those keys commercially and tried to resell it or brought a high number of keys and are suspected to deal with them.
  8. Thats in the fine print of the german constitution. Every buyer is (supposed) to have committed a federal crime (ether Money laundering or Copyright Infringement). As thoese are Federal crimes, the german government law agencies are forced to investigate even if the victim does not want a investigation. So MS just lays its feed up and let the german goverment do everything.
  9. But they investigated Lizengo, saw who brougt what and when and for what price because they got all the data. (more does the article not state sry)
  10. Add: Those keys Lizengo distributed originated largely from Asia and are "defacto" legal keys. In Asia. Not in europe.
  11. @HelpfulTechWizard Well that is the big question here, the law agencies say: "If you buy a brand new car for halve the price you should have known that something is fishy" and the lawyers say: "But my customer brought that from a salesman that has 300 stores and is already 10 years in business, how should we have known?"
  12. That is A problem. The offence of the criminal cases are Money lauding. The German agencies will ague that it should have been obvious that those keys could not have been legit as they were to cheep as the difference is dramatically high. An Original Win10Pro key does cost ~200€ and they were sold on Ebay for around 40€. The argumentation is that is could not have been possible that thoes keys could have been obtained legally and therefor the buyer did "participate" in the illegal action. (Source lawyer Christian Solmeke)
  13. Summary After the German license reseller "Lizengo" was busted for selling illegibly obtained keys (Source German), the German department of justice targets now buyer of those keys. They obtained buyers information's and opened criminal cases in "a low five digit's range" according to golem.de. This seems to target mainly buyer who brought keys for unreasonably low prices. In a small number of cases, the German department of justice also seem to be conducting house searches when initial investigations were not promising enough. Under German law, obtaining a softw
  14. hey there, Are they both "compatible"? I know that you should not mix copper and aluminum and other metals together because of corrosion and stuff but I am done with Alphacool as they just a few days ago killed my GPU with a brand new (leaking) GPU block. I dont want to exchange the whole system, I want to gradually shift to EK. Is that possible without destroying my stuff immedially?