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  1. The mode on ryzen master was manual so i thought i light have messed with some settings there so I set it on default settings but then after a restart without doing anything it went to like 80 degrees and powered off. Now I can’t boot at all without a crash. Is there any way to change the voltage in bios? Edit: I can boot now at 50-60 degrees. Guess it was just overheated to start with. At idle it lies at 50 boost up to 55-60 and slowley goes down to 50 btw. It has done this since i got it, as well as getting the high temps. It is now locked at 1.01 volts too, but it seems like the
  2. I have one intake and one outake fan. I think the gpu is high because im running FAH and it's using the gpu. Temps went up as soon is i launched it but there were no signs of usage. I'm guessing this is just flaws in the software or something.
  3. How do i check the mounting pressure?
  4. I have a ryzen 5 3600x running with stock coolers on stock settings, but after a few minutes of running at 80-90% it gets temps around 90°-95°. When I had just got the CPU I ran benchmarks to check how much the difference was to the old ones, and the temps went up to 95°+ and the computer shut down. Do i have to buy a new cooler, or is it just enough to reapply the termal paste?
  5. Well nothing displayed doing that, so i tried to use a hdmi instead and that fixed it. Thanks for the help!
  6. Well i tried to remove the battery on the motherboard for a minute or two (apparently resets CMOS?). Only change is that the loading screen has changed to a white bar across the entire screen.
  7. When pressing F8 it said entering boot menu, but that just sendt me to a black and white version of the windows recovery. If i need to reset CMOS, how do i do that?
  8. Hey, When i boot my computer it skips all bios flash screen (i gues that's what it's called?) and loading, and goes to a loading screen similar to the one in windows xp just green, and no logo. It just sais Copyright © Microsoft corporation or something. I have tried to spam the delete button, and holding shift while restarting, and going to uefi boot thing button. Nothing gets me into the bios. Any suggestions?