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  1. update : some friend said he could trade it with GIGABYTE 500W. i never used GIGABYTE in PSU before is it good ?
  2. i have different model its (12v1=23A & 12V2=23A) = 552W but below say's 12 combined max=350w and it's Korean made
  3. i can change psu components (i have friend can do it for free) but i don't have the money to purchase another psu or i will have to wait another 6 month to save enough money for another psu
  4. Hello for peeps in here i'm having bad time to determine wither do i get another PSU or not i really have tight budget that can afford an basic gaming pc and i already purchased the items from aliexpress cause its cheap and most parts are used in good condition when i was purchasing the PSU ( POWEREX REXII 500W V2.2 continuous ) i knew its multi rails 12v are 23A but when igot it in my hand there is some small words saying 12v=350w max and 3+5v=150w and i already purchased a some sleeves and comb for it to mod to look cooler (p.s: there is photo attached to psu its not same model i got a