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  1. Really thanks KarathKasun jeje im in process of buying a the Radeon Rx560 4gb :3 its not low profile but he will give me to a extender so i can use it, tomorrow i will test it in my pc so i can finally buy it :3 Really thanks for your helps x3
  2. One last question, theres to much difference between rx 560 and the rx 460? one of the sellers run out of stock on 560 and only have 460 jeje
  3. wow thats awesome KarathKasun!! so that card should work fine for my pc hope i can buy it then, for years i wanted to upgrade that and finally maeby i can. Really thanks guys x3 ill try to buy it then. you are the best!
  4. oooh didnt know, thanks for that, ill try to update the bios then, ill try to see if can test the card first then. Really thanks nwn
  5. ooh i see. well at get home ill see that, if i have you then you say i can buy that card without problem them? (sorry for asking so much but 80$ are a looot i want to be really sure jejjee) really thank for your help!!
  6. Well mariushm i have this monitor https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/migr-69691 it say have VGA and DVi-D so i think it work either the adaptor you are saing or a direct DVI-D to DVI-D(?
  7. i think what you say KarathKasun its the same like in the games that i dont met the minimum requirements and i still can play it at minimum jeje if you say it works i believe you, if you can tet that you will be the best jejeje And mariushm i think i have a DVI to 2 VGA but if i dont i will need to find some adapter like that, really thanks for the info. So you two say that card will work so i think i will try to buy it :3
  8. This is the card i found (image) it say Low profile so has to work right? Really Thanks mariushm and KarathKasun, if that card can work i can buy it, only will remain buying a convertor because i have a VGA only monitor jejeje
  9. Awesome!!! ok my power supply handle it, and its compatible with my motherboard isnt it? it has a PCI-E x16, its not important if it have DDR3 ram and intel cpu right? wanna be really sure because 70$ here its a lot and luckly the guy selling it live in my city jeje Really thank you!
  10. Found the Rx560 4Gb, its sure it can work with my power supply? because it say "Recommended PSU: 400W" the post of the Rx560 you send
  11. Well at least here in venezuela its at that price x.x, but i have seen that the gt 710 its better than the Intel HD 2000 x.x it seems it can handle GTA V at 720p, right know for me its imposible even at 360p, found also a "Ati Radeon Sapphire Rx 550 4gb Ddr5 Pci-e" at 80$ here but it doenst have VGA you guys say thats better?
  12. Hello!!! Well thats the question, i have an HP SFF with a Power Source of 240watts, im gamer and youtuber/streamer so you imagine that even having a I3 3.30Ghz and 10Gb DDR3 RAM, the Intel HD Graphics 2000 dont do to much, i want to have more options to games to play but i need a graphics card that can be handle by my 240watts power supply, i have one in sigh, "Nvidia Gt 710 2gb Ddr3" in 80$ but i need to be sure it will work in my pc. here are the specs from Spiccy: (Images) CPU: Intel I3 2120 3.30Ghz Motherboard: HP 1497 Slots: 1 PCI-E X16, 2 PCI-E X1, 1 PCI