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  1. I check Zephyrus g14 and g15 but they don't have web camera and ms office. if I would buy those two separately it would cost nearly 90k which is not in my budget.
  2. yea, but there is a problem $800USD laptops are literally 90k INR indian rupee. if I convert 90k indian rupee its more than $1400 and that's so pricey they even don't give ms office.
  3. hey guys, so i am planning to buy laptop for my studies and video editing. I check the ASUS rog 14 but there is no web camera which is a disadvantage for meetings. SO can you guys recommend any laptop below 82k INR for my needs. 1. Webcam 2. Graphics card 3. Thermal ports like the exhaust should be facing out as to improve the performance.. Is ASUS tuf series laptop good ?
  4. hey guys, i was watching a video in YouTube and was in ltt discord voice chat I was trying to talk with them. And my stupid mic caught the noise of the video and ltt bot banned me. Now i can't even contact Mowo for ban appeal. Please find a solution and I have proof also.
  5. My teach told me to do this specific question in Libre Office only. Here is a brief thing she told me - do this in libre office using scenarios according to the question. She told to write down the small table in clac and the question given below, we have to find one of the part like in A) we need to verify that the current sales is 70 by using the cost per unit :80" . I think it is related to solver and scenarios.
  6. So i have a project due tomorrow. This is on Libre office Calc. If any libre users can u help me with this thing NOTE- THIS is a school work i tired but didn't understand. I use office 365 but it is much different here.
  7. See the video where Linus explains why Mac os is better than rest of the linus OS
  8. hey guys, so I wanted to buy wireless headphones or earphones. As i am in India by budget is around 5000 rupee. so any recommendation. I though of buying redmi and others but my mother does not want me to buy because does not have support hook. So which should I buy headphone or TWs? as there is COVID-19 I can't travel anywhere.
  9. Lttstore.com


  10. ok thanks for the reply. I think my Brain.exe is not responding.
  11. Hey I do not know what update in my tech website. There are no new news except the apple zero day bug. So Can u tell some ideas for the website. ? advance thanks for all the reply.
  12. I wish that you will built the PC and will rock. Overclock it and enable its potential.
  13. i think you are playing on low settings that the reason the GPU is not active therefore it is not running at 100%.
  14. That is because you are running Cinebench. As cine bench focuses on CPU that's the reason it is spiking. Incase if it spike when u are not doing heavy projects then there is an problem.