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    Thomas001 reacted to TetraSky in LTT, Floatplane on BBC News   
    Congrats LMG! You guys finally made it to the big boi scene, if BBC makes an article about you!   /s
  2. Informative
    Thomas001 reacted to mariushm in Everyone gets Nintendo's drifting controller's issue! PS5, PS4, XBox One (incl. Series S/X)! Class action lawsuits to all! End of the world! Panic!   
    Then let's say it takes a week for the company to receive samples from 3-5 other manufacturers of such parts. 
    Then let's say it takes 3-4 weeks for the engineers to abuse the parts and see how well they handle being into a joystick, test accuracy, how well they report values, how they handle heat, humidity, various environments where these joysticks / gamepads will be used, pick what "feels" best for most people ... and decide on a part as replacement. 
    Then let's say it takes a week for the engineer to redesign the circuit board with a new footprint and make a small batch of circuit boards and put the part on them and test it...
    Then let's say it takes a week for a pcb factory to manufacture 10-50k circuit boards with the new footprints
    Then wait anything between a couple weeks to 3-5 months for the manufacturer to actually produce 10-50k new parts ... few companies keep that many of a part in stock
    Then pay up the nose for shipping from asia to us and other countries, because of covid ...
    Companies like microsoft and nintendo don't make small batches, they (hopefully) do serious validations especially for parts that take a lot of abuse, and then order parts in the tens of thousands or even higher numbers and that's how they get good prices. 
    Something must have gone wrong with those ALPS components, something that was missed during validation, or maybe something changed between the time of the batch that was used for validation and the manufacturing time of the batches that were actually put in products
  3. Informative
    Thomas001 reacted to rchlel in CPU at 100c Idle - Please Help   
    I called them and they said they don't sell individual parts and my warranty is expired. 😬
  4. Informative
    Thomas001 reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Download not running at the speed it says it should   
    Is it downloading Megabit/sec or megabyte/sec? (One megabyte=8 Megabit) also, downloads are never as fast as the max theoretical speed.
  5. Informative
    Thomas001 reacted to dizmo in Download not running at the speed it says it should   
    You're going to get different speeds from different sites.
  6. Like
    Thomas001 reacted to Arika S in Windows 21H2 (2021 Update 2) will be a total overhaul of the OS (Codenamed Sun Valley)   
    i don't think i could buy a laptop without a touchscreen, i use mine soooo much.
    I even find myself poking my work laptop screen (which doesn't have one) and i get annoyed that it doesn't work.
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    Thomas001 reacted to zeusthemoose in Help please   
    Ok? Many people don’t know the difference between a monitor and the actual computer. Instead of ridiculing someone for not knowing something why not teach them so they know for the future?
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    Thomas001 reacted to SGT-AMD in I think I was threatened by a seller on Ebay. Should I report   
    Yes. Show Ebay what the conversation was, and how the seller responded.
  9. Agree
    Thomas001 reacted to TetraSky in I think I was threatened by a seller on Ebay. Should I report   
    Ah yes, the good old deflection of "there's more important stuff *in the world* than x"
    Report. Just... Report.
    Honestly you shouldn't have even engaged them in the first place. You should've simply reported them from the get go and moved on.
  10. Informative
    Thomas001 reacted to leadeater in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    Actually that is possible but globally we have chosen not to due to the economic and social impacts of it and the generally accepted idea of the improbability that every country and every person will actually do what is required to make this possible, current pandemic as evidence to that.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go9Ar0bPkUk (Video is also a good watch for those interested. Second speaker is more about statistics and science, slide above from that. First is about governmental response etc and isn't really that interesting).
  11. Informative
    Thomas001 reacted to itrr14 in YouTube has deleted SemperVideo, a 13 year-old educational German IT channel   
    Just wanted to point out its a 13 year old channel, not person.
  12. Informative
    Thomas001 reacted to WereCatf in YouTube has deleted SemperVideo, a 13 year-old educational German IT channel   
    You got confused somewhere: the channel is 13 years old, Youtube didn't ban a 13-year old kid's channel.
  13. Funny
    Thomas001 reacted to Arika S in come and hangout i guess   
  14. Funny
    Thomas001 reacted to WereCatf in come and hangout i guess   
    Ugh, get a room, you two!
    ...and invite me along as well!
  15. Funny
    Thomas001 reacted to valdyrgramr in come and hangout i guess   
    You might wanna get tested.
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    Thomas001 reacted to trombonejb in Regarding Linus's use of the words "walking helmet."   
    So if someone calls my black friend (not the same friend with autism) the n word then it would make me thin skinned to stand up for my friend and just let it slide instead and be cool with it?

    You're right about the use of the R word but get this https://www.spreadtheword.global/
  17. Agree
    Thomas001 reacted to _Sir in Regarding Linus's use of the words "walking helmet."   
    Offensive statements aside, it' really just one of those "big oof" things. Like, really Linus? Autism jokes? A couple months ago he deleted a retweet because the person he retweeted was racist. It's hard to know when someone is crossing the line, when the line is a bunch of scribbles. Again, offensive statement aside, this is just out of character for public Linus. He's dipped his toes into the memes a bit hard. It's one thing to joke about stuff with Luke or friends, but his public statements not only affect himself LTT as a business, and the rest of his employees. He's not yet at the point where he's Elon and can just yolo say anything. Or is he?

    He's just getting more and more out of his old norm.
  18. Agree
    Thomas001 reacted to Natty Ice in Regarding Linus's use of the words "walking helmet."   
    Think it's worth noting that for many folks, calling out stuff like this isn't "recreational outrage" or whatever, it's about pushing back on a culture of blatant disrespect. Those of us who were born in the '80s, grew up in the '90s and came of age in the early 2000's had this notion shoved down our throats by Gen X and Boomers that not only is making fun of people good humor, but it's actually the BEST kind of humor- and punching down only makes it better. And I get how, in the context when this cultural phenomenon was building, that it provided a useful foil to the stick-up-the-arse obsessed-with-etiquette image of pre-1960's middle America and was seen as taboo-challenging but it's gotten kind of old now. I'm not gonna riot or cancel anyone over jokes like this but I think it's worth taking opportunities to suggest that maaayyybeee poking fun at disabled (or for that matter black/gay/fat/etc etc) people isn't actually the hilarious comedy gold that MTV kept telling us it was 20 years ago.
  19. Agree
    Thomas001 reacted to trombonejb in Regarding Linus's use of the words "walking helmet."   
    If Linus wants to do that he can do so. It's just gonna cause more problems with the public's reaction moving forward concerning people with intellectual disabilities.
  20. Like
    Thomas001 reacted to trombonejb in Regarding Linus's use of the words "walking helmet."   
    UPDATE: Linus has deleted his tweet. 
    Some of you may not see anything wrong with this but I was pretty offended by this tweet.
    For Linus to say "I better put on my walking helmet" in response to dbrand saying "join me on this autistic ride to the moon", it is clear that Linus put two and two together and expressed the stereotype that people with autism have to wear helmets because they don't think and walk as normal as someone without autism would. While he is partly true that some people with autism do wear helmets to protect themselves, it's very important to know that not every person with autism needs a helmet.
    One of my best friends whom I've known for as long as I can remember has autism. I've shared a handful of classes with him & in his earlier years and he has expressed unusual behavior countless times. But words cannot express how far he has grown as a person adapting to himself as well as the world around him. Not only does he have a driver's license, last I heard he completed his masters in accounting which is very hard to get. Some of you might think "wow that's so inspirational that someone with autism can do that." I personally don't think much of it really because my lifelong friendship with him wasn't defined by his disability. It was defined by our mutual friendship we have developed over the years as well as my ability to look past what holds him back.
    Back to Linus. Even though I was offended by this tweet, I still know that deep within he is a very nice person. I do not think he was trying to be mean in this tweet towards people with autism but I also think that he needs to be very mindful of how he characterizes anyone with an intellectual disability. Most people when they catch themselves engaging in this behavior aren't themselves friends with very many people with disabilities.

    As far as Dbrand's involvement in this goes, they just didn't need to throw ableism in the conversation in the first place. That is an easy error to fix.
    If Linus is reading this or if I got the opportunity to speak with him in person, I would just kindly tell him "Hey man I get what you're saying, but in doing so you are stereotyping people with autism and I think it would be best if you delete the tweet and apologize to the autism community for doing so. No need to make a whole video about it like you did with the whole PS5 SSD thing last year. Just say or maybe tweet that you'll be more mindful of how you characterize people with disabilities moving forward."

    And as far as anyone else reading this who still thinks I'm crazy or something, just know this. I wouldn't be saying any of this if I hadn't spent lots of time immersing myself as well as my brother in the Best Buddies International organization. In other words, just like we shouldn't stereotype black people for the color of their skin, we shouldn't stereotype people with disabilities for their disability.
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    Thomas001 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Console Scalpers Are Being Robbed   
    Only for products that are necessities. The people who were buying up toilet paper, Lysol wipes, face masks, and hand sanitizer when Covid first hit would fit your description. Game consoles or GPUs? The scarcity of those items aren't putting lives at risk. 
  22. Agree
    Thomas001 reacted to Arika S in Console Scalpers Are Being Robbed   
    Oh no, they can't get a shiny new <product> on day one, sounds like people don't have any patience. If anything it's beneficial for low income people because it gives them more time to think about if they really need a new <product> instead of making rash decisions based on hype. 
    EDIT: also people in this thread are making out like you HAVE to buy thing from scalpers. There's an easy soloution: FUCKING DON'T, they do it because people buy it, if you don't buy it at their huge mark ups then there will be no reason to scalp. If you're going to blame the scalpers, blame the buyers too, they are just as much at fault for perpetuating the cycle. 
  23. Agree
    Thomas001 reacted to shoutingsteve in Screenshot Windows 10 Problem   
    I am 34 years old...
    ...been using windows for 26 of those years...
    ... I never knew about Alt+ PrtScr...
    you've changed my life.  I usually just capture the whole desktop and crop the stuff out I don't' want.
  24. Informative
    Thomas001 reacted to Chris Pratt in AMD Adrenalin Recommended or Optional version   
    Just depends what you're looking for: stable or bleeding edge. The optional update may contain fixes that can improve performance issues, but obviously carries more risk of introducing issues as well. Recommended will be slower to get fixes and improvements, but will be more stable as a result.
    You can always change it later, as well. Like if you're fine with all your games, then go recommended. But, if you start experiencing any graphical bugs or other issues, then go optional until you get a fix. Rinse and repeat.
  25. Agree
    Thomas001 reacted to Rune in DrDisrespect Permanently Banned from Twitch   
    Good. The guy was an annoying prick.